Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Project 33 - Match #98: Ultraman & Solar vs Negro Navarro & Black Terry

 Ultraman & Solar vs Negro Navarro & Black Terry
13 March, 2011
Arena Azteca; Pachuca, Mexico

Part 2   Part 3

I have watched so many of these matches now, that there isn't anything new to say really.  I really like Ultraman with this crew, as he fits in well with the mat wrestling.  Black Terry really needs a foil like Navarro has Solar. 

The one thing that I do like about this match is that it is 100% mat wrestling.  This match could have easily taken place on a wrestling mat in a garage somewhere.  And it was good.  I totally understand though how some people might find this boring.  To me however, I just love watching these holde be exchanged back and forth between masters like this. 

The pinfall that eliminated Terry/Ultraman in the third fall was kinda wack though. 

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