Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Project 33 - Match #97 - Sting vs. Hardy

Jeff Hardy vs. Sting
13 March, 2011
Universal Studios; Orlando, FL
TNA Heavyweight Championship Match

Man, that is a pretty badass jacket Sting has.

That is about the only good thing about this match.  Actually, that is not true.  From a professional point of view, Sting and Bischoff did a damn good job here. 

Jeff Hardy is a piece of shit.  How he has a job, I do not know.  If you couldn't tell, Hardy came to the ring messed up.  Who knows what drug it was, but he was in no condition to wrestle.  Essentially, Bischoff came to the ring and told Sting to take it home, and Sting shot on Hardy.  Not in a way where he was gonna hurt the guy, but Sting protected himself and the business as much as he could here. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. 

I do not understand how that match could have even happened.  I do not see why Hardy wasn't prevented from going thru that curtain to begin with.  Whomever was the agent for that match or was running the lockerroom is to blame that Hardy was allowed to go to the ring that night. 

When people shit all over TNA, this is why.  They have an awesome roster of talent that they have no clue how to handle.  They need a Bill Watts type of guy to come in and clean house.  Unfortunately, there are no Bill Watts type guys anymore.  Vince put them all out of business, and no one has figured out how to make another one yet. 

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