Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Project 33 - Match #96: Flash vs. Arkadian vs. Mirra

Jay Flash vs. Alex Arkadian vs. Nick Mirra
13 March, 2011
FOE Hall; Moundsville, WV
BDW Diamond Division Championship Match

So, last Sunday was the most recent Black Diamond Wrestling show, and I was unable to attend the event, as I was already booked on a card in the Chicago area.  But, I heard from numerous people that this was a pretty damn good match, so I decided to check it out. 

All three of these guys are pretty new to the business, with only a few years of experience, and I do not think any of them have really traveled out of that Pittsburgh/Wheeling/Cleveland triangle of terror.  The Diamond Division Championship is BDW's version of the "X-Division", in that it is essentially a cruiserweight championship, but without weight limits.  It has also mostly been a championship that has been contested for by younger guys like these three, rather than the seasoned main eventers. 

In grand tradition of the belt, the title had been vacated by the previous champion (doh!), so this three way was to crowd the new champion.  It is under elimination rules, which I like.  There are some obvious rough spots in the the match, and the timing of a few things is off, but there is some pretty damn good stuff here.  I am doubting that any of these guys have worked each other before, so with their experience level and with some of the stuff they tried to do, I can look past it more than I could if, for example, this was a main event of a big indy card.  What we had here was three young guys going all out to grab an opportunity in front of them, and I think they did that. 

I had seen very little of Mirra before this, and he showed me more here than before.  I think he just about dies on that dive. 

Arkadian is probably the most experienced guy in the match.  He works a mixture of being flippy, while being big enough to be a heavyweight.  I think he needs to do one or the other, and abandon some of the things, as he is not really solid at either.  I think if he polished up his mat skills and his throws, he could be a solid heavyweight.  I think if he slimmed down and worked on the flashy stuff, he could be a better flier.  I am just saying this from experience, because when I was about two years into my career, I realized I needed to be a heavyweight or a junior, and I wasn't flippy enough to be a flier. 

Flash I would say the exact opposite about.  He has a solid high flying repertoire here, and seems quick enough to get over as a high flyer.  He is a prototypical "X-Division" type of guy. 

Overall, I would like to see these guys have this match again in a year.  It reminds me of some of the early BDW matches with guys like Sandwich/Cage/Xion/Gory, in that the match was good, but you know looking at it that with some seasoning, it could be even better.

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