Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Project 33 - Match #94: Impact Players vs Team No Respect

Lance Storm & Justin Credible vs. Jado  Gedo
4 March, 2000
The Arena; Philadelphia, PA
ECW Tag Team Championship Match

I just realized that I watched this the other day, but got busy and never did the write up.  Now, after two days of being sick, I will attenmpt to write up what I intended to in a Nyquill-induced fog.

You know how normally most tag team matches break down to having the rudos work over one of the babyfaces, and the climax of the match is when the face makes the tag?  I call that a "Memphis-style" tag match.  No particular reason, other than that seems to be the traditional US way to do things. 

The style of this match is more of what I call the "Lucharesu" style.  It doesn't involve tags as a necessity, and there isn't one man being isolated.  There are a ton of double team moves, and the action really doesn't stop.  The match is a cross between the fast paced "lucha style", and what you might expect from New Japan junior heavyweights. 

There is nothing wrong with how this match was worked.  It was just not your typical US tag team style.  I think it was great, and was a precursor of things to come.  Anyone who thinks 1999-2000 ECW was lacking in talent is a damn fool.  This match was about a million times better than any Gangstas vs. Headhunters match from 1995. 

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