Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #93 - Marcela vs. Amapola

Marcela vs. Amapola
25 January, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL Women's Championship Match

I do not have an issue with women's wrestling.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I hate when women get into wrestling because they are dating a wrestler.  Or, a wrestler gets a girl into the business, in the hopes of getting in her pants.  Or, when promoters throw attractive girls on a show that do not know what they hell they are doing, to get a little bit of "T & A" on the card.  I hate when these same chicks start having matches, but have no clue whatsoever how to work, and the matches are just awful.

TNA, for awhile, had some awesome women's matches.  The WWE has gone thru spells, but usually it is godawful to watch, because they worry about looks first, not in-ring skill.

Then, there is Mexico and Japan, where there can still be found great women's wrestling.

This match is one of the best matches I have seen this year - not only from the ladies, but overall.  This match was a well laid out 15-minute affair between two wrestlers who are very familiar with the other.

Sorry, I have definitely not been keeping up with Project 33 like I want to - I have been very busy.  A lot of wrestling stuff is going on with me right now, and I am making the most of it.  I would rather be wrestling myself than watching it, thus I am more behind than usual...

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