Monday, March 28, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #102 - Colon vs. Sin Cara

Primo COlon vs. Sin Cara
27 March, 2011
Conseco Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN

This would be the WWE debut of Sin Cara, the former Mistico of CMLL fame.  This was an untelevised house show over the weekend, so the only footage of this match may actually be what this guy recorded on his phone.  So for all eternity the debut of Sin Cara will be linked with the guy recording this thinking Primo is a total jobber.

As far as the match goes, the WWE is probably ecstatic that the basic flippy moves that Cara did got big reactions. All he really did were a few headscissor variations, along with some nice looking kicks.  I cannot believe by watching this that the WWE feels ready to put him on tv.  The WWE expects a fast paced offense, and for the selling to be quick and to feed into the next spot.  This was a house show, and Cara played to the crowd, although not at the same level he would have in Arena Mexico.  I would think that the WWE would want him to hit three or four moves in quick succession before playing to the crowd.

After hearing about this debut and that it was a good match, I was a little disappointed.  It wasn't really anything special.  I certainly didn't expect him to come in and do three or four of his signature dives in a match, but I did expect more flash here.

A problem I nevcer thought of until watching this - they are totally not gonna let Cara hit anything resembling any of Rey Jr's signature moves.  A lot of Mistico's offense was "619" type rope kicks, and springboard dives into the ring.  Sin Cara is going to have to find some new offense...

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