Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GALLI Results - 3/13 Addison, IL

GALLI (13 March) Addison Community Center; Addison, IL
Attendance: 200
1) Ovirload def. Joey Marx by pinfall
2) G2L & Rey Fuego def. Funebre & Sepultura by pinfall
3) Ace Martino, Diego Corleone &; Jake O'Neil def. Alex Olsen, Matt Knicks & Nikita Allanov by pinfall
4) Bryce Benjamin, Mason Conrad & Valientino def. Furia Roja, Golden Star & Guardian by pinfall
5) Discovery & Mascarita Dorada def. Pierrothito & Yakuza
6) 450 Hammet, Samuray del Sol & Shiima Xion def. Emperador, Low Rider & Pesadilla

Photo courtesy of and theCubsFan!

This was my debut in Illinois, my debut in the Chicagoland area, and my debut for a lucha libre style promotion. 

I lost the match for my team, when (as illustrated in the picture above), I backed Diego Corleone into the corner along with my team mate Matt Knicks. Earlier in the match a miscomunication led to Knicks and rookie wrestler Alex Olsen colliding, and our opponents working Olsen over.  Olsen finally was able to make the tag to me after taking quite a beating, and I cleaned house, before our team hit three-way Stunners on our opponents, who rolled out of the ring.  Sensing victory, I went outside after Corleone, while Olsen went up top for a dive onto Martino & O'Neil.  Knicks knocked Olsen off the top rope behind my back, so when Corleone slid into the ring and into the corner, Knicks and I had him in a two-on-one situation, or so I thought.  Right after this picture was taken, Knicks dropped down and fouled me from behind, which allowed Corleone to roll me up for the pinfall.

If you couldn't tell from the results above, I was a tecnico.  The match originally announced was two rudo teams (Corleone & myself versus Martino & O'Neil), but with two extra tecnicos on hand, and never having wrestled in the area before,  promoter Carlos Robles asked me if I would be interested in working as a tecnico, and I agreed.  Oddly enough, this means that I curently only wrestle as a rudo in Ohio, as I have become a fan favorite in Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well. 

I don't feel I did very well in my debut here, as I was pretty nervous to debut in a new area, and as a tecnico.  Not to mention that I had been pretty sick with the flu the week prior, I think I could have done much better.  But, with that said, it appears that I did pretty well.  Sr. Robles has already told me that he is interested in bringing me back, and I seemed to get a good reaction, with a couple signs in the crowd for me (which honestly surprised me).  Plus, I picked up a couple more followers on Twitter from it. 

The big downside is that GALLI tends to run Sunday shows at around 4pm.  With this show not starting until 5pm and not ending until just before 9pm (and adding on another hour for business to be taken care of), that would put me on the road at 10pm, with a minimum of a 5.5 hour drive back to Cincinnati.  That is going to be really hard for me to pull off on any kind of regular basis. 

It was awesome to see Low Rider and Shiima Xion again though, and to share a locker room with great talent from different areas.  The lockerroom wasd roughly divided into thirds, with the gringos, the local Chicago luchadores, and the bi-lingual luchadores.  It was awesome to see Mascarita Dorada and Pierothito in person as well. 

In addition, this was my first time ever in Chicago, and with Ms. Shannon's brother recently moving there, it ended up being a great road trip for multiple reasons. Hopefully I can work things out schedule-wise to appear with GALLI on a regular basis!  After all, Knicks has some nice pretty hair that would look good on my trophy case...

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