Monday, February 14, 2011

WWC 2/12 Results - Aberdeen, OH

WWC (12 February) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
Attendance: 70

1) Scarry Garry def. Ganger by DQ
2) Heather Owens def. Ultra Mega Masked Homicide by pinfall
3) Ed Gonzales def. Gary Horowitz by pinfall
4) DDK def. Dean Jablonski by pinfall
5) Nikita Allanov def. DJ Tom Sharp by knockout
6) Jimmy Malloy def. Justin Gage, Matt Taylor, in a Gauntlet Match (WWC NA)
7) Princeton Travis & Marvel Trice def. Jake Ashworth & Eclipso by pinfall
8) Devlin Anderson def. Cody Hawk by pinfall (WWC Heavy)

Believe it or not, this was the first time I ever wrestled Sharp in WWC.  And, like many other times when I fought Sharp, he ended the match severely injured, with his career in jeopardy.  Sharp had missed months of action in 2010 after tearing his knee apart in late 2009, and continuing to wrestle on it for months.  After a match we had in Springfield last year, he was forced out of action for about six months following knee surgery.
In this match, Sharp attempted to out-boogie me, and started the match off strongly.  However, he made the mistake of giving me a backbreaker on his bad knee, and I just spent the majority of the match destroying his already fragile knee.  Sharp refused to submit when I locked him in a deathlock variation, so I squeezed and worked in an ankle lock as well, until he went out liike a lamp and I was awarded the match by knockout!

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