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RCW Tag Team Invitational Results - 2/5/2001

RCW (5 February) Jackson County YMCA; Jackson, OH
Attendance: 257
RCW Invitational Tag Team Tournament
1) Juggulator & Judas Thorn def. Nikita Allanov & Maxx Power by pinfall (Rd 1)
2) Corey Mason & Jimmy Malloy def. Heavy Metal & Chuck Chronic by pinfall (Rd 1)
3) Ron Mathis & Devon Maximus def. DDK & Devlin Anderson by DQ  (Rd 1)
4) Dirk Extreme & Randy Allen def. Tank Runyon & Trik Nasty by pinfall  (Rd 1)
5) Juggulator & Thorn def. Mason & Malloy by countout (Semi)
6) Mathis & Maximus def. Extreme & Allen by pinfall (Semi)
7) Flash Fury def. Jeff Mayhem by pinfall
8) Mathis & Maximus def. Juggulator & Thorn by pinfall (Finals)

A great crowd on hand for the first show for RCW this year.  The tag team tournament was a big success on a night with UFC. 

WrestleOhio president the Mastermind & Ms. Sara came to the ring and said that the Murder Junkies (Judas Thorn & Juggulator) couldn't get along recently, and that he knew all their weaknesses, and was more than willing to exploit them.  This brought out Thorn & Juggz, who were attacked from behind by Power & Allanov.  A quick brawl on the floor ensued, before Juggz & Thorn took control, isolating Allanov in the ring. 
Soon however, Power gave a helping hand to his partner, and the WrestleOhio duo was working over Juggz, focusing on his back.  After about ten minutes of pounding, Allanov went for his Soviet Sickle, but Juggz ducked it and hit a neck breaker, before making the tag to Thorn, who cleared house.  MasterMind tried to toss his cane to Power to use against Thorn, but Power dropped the cane, and was nailed by a boot from Juggz, and a nasty clothesline from Thorn, and was pinned, eliminating the WrestleOhio team from the tournament. 

RCW returns to action at the Portsmouyth Steamfitters Union Hall on Saturday March 12th, and returns to the Jackson YMCA on Saturday May 7th! 

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