Thursday, February 24, 2011

RCW presents "Physical Distortion" March 12th in Portsmouth, OH

RCW returns to the Plumbers & Steam Fitters Local 577 Gym (NEXT TO PORTSMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY)for a show you won't want to miss! RCW presents the annual PHYSICAL DISTORTION event on Saturday, March 12th. Doors open at 6:30pm with a 7:30pm Belltime. PRESALE Tickets are available at Portsmouth Pizzeria and Castle Comics in Portsmouth. You can also get your PRESALE tickets or FIRST ROW RESERVE by clicking HERE on the website. RCW President, Al Snow, WRESTLEOHIO, and The Board of Directors have put together a fantastic event!

Projekt Ego lead by Exotic E made a statement at the Tagteam Cup. President, Al Snow seen this as a slap in the face to RCW fans. The fact that Juggulator and Adrenaline X used the tournament to fulfill such a devious plan…...and succeeded! Judas Thorn was not only robbed of a possible tournament victory but from his RCW World Title. Snow and the B.O.D. put together a match that could be seen by many as a punishment to The Juggulator. A 6-man Match pitting Project Ego (Juggulator, Ron Mathis, and Devon Maximus) against Judas Thorn and The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Anderson) in an elimination match with a twist. The twist is that if anyone pins the RCW World Champion, The Juggulator, then they will become Champion! The Black Irish Saints came to Judas Thorn's rescue last time and were also cheated out of the tournament by Adrenaline X. BUT, will BIS and Thorn work together knowing what is on the line? Can Juggulator & Co. survive?

"American" Idol Dirk Extreme has been on a roll lately. Defeating Trik Nasty at FC8 and making him his ROADIE…...He and Randy Allen defeating TNT during the Tag Tournament. Extreme has a BIG problem now though. The man that once ruled RCW and was arguably one of the all time BEST RCW WRESTLERS, TANK RUNYON, is BACK! Tank looked awesome at the last event and seems to be 100% after healing for the past 2 years from neck injuries. Runyon is ready to go after the guy that put him out of action. Dirk promises that Tank's first single's match back will be his last. What will happen when these two meet again and will Trik Nasty be a factor????

2 Former RCW WORLD CHAMPIONS will be doing battle for the first time! WRESTLEOHIO's Maxx Power will be taking on the ever popular Flash Fury. Looking at physical stats this may seem like a mismatch but make no mistake, Flash Fury can and has beat anybody. Power will have WRESTLEOHIO in his corner. This should be an exciting bout!

The RCW World Tagteam Champions, Pretty in Pink (Corey Mason & "Pretty Boy" Jimmy Malloy) have yet to defend the titles since winning them at Full Circle. Former Champions, Metal Mayhem (Heavy Metal & Keith Hamblin) had a great year most of last year and then the team seemed to fall apart with each missing dates and leaving the other hanging until their reign came to an end. Lately, Hamblin has been the problem it seems. Metal Mayhem has promised that their act is together and they are ready to get those Tag Titles back. Will PIP still be Champions after PD11?

The North American Title will be on the line as Randy "The King" Allen defends against Trik Nasty. Nasty right now is still the "American Idol's" ROADIE. No doubt Extreme will be at ringside. It's been a long time since these two have met one on one. Trik Nasty actually captured his first RCW Title from Allen who was defending for a injured Maxx Power. Will the same outcome ring true years later?

WRESTLEOHIO's Nikita Allanov has issued an open challenge. He says he is ready for the RCW World Title and The Mastermind agrees. They wish to prove this by Allanov taking on all comers. Allanov has looked impressive since debuting last June but it remains to be seen if he is truly Championship Material as they claim.


PROJEKT EGO (Juggulator *C*, Ron Mathis, Devon Maximus) w/ Exotic E
VS Judas Thorn & The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Anderson)

The Return of TANK RUNYON VS "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme w/ Simon and "ROADIE" Trik Nasty

Randy "The King" Allen *C* VS Trik Nasty w/ Dirk Extreme

Pretty In Pink ("Captivating" Corey Mason & "Pretty Boy" Jimmy Malloy)*C*
VS Metal Mayhem (Keith Hamblin & Heavy Metal)

Maxx Power VS Flash Fury

Nikita Allanov w/ WRESTLEOHIO VS ?????????

Don't miss PHYSICAL DISTORTION at the Plumbers & Steam Fitters Local 577 located at 1236 Gallia St (Next to Portsmouth Library) in Portsmouth, OH on Saturday March 12th. Tickets available NOW here on the website or at Castle Comics and Portsmouth Pizzeria. Keep checking here or keep up to date with us on FACEBOOK. Search Revolutionary Championship Wrestling or Follow the Link at the bottom left. SEE YOU MARCH 12th!

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