Monday, February 21, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #91 - Mascara Dorada vs. Averno

Mascara Dorada vs. Averno
18 February, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico

Part 2

I am a pretty big fan of Averno.  He is one of the best bases working right now in the world of lucha.  He is the arch-nemesis of Mistico, and is one of the reasons that Mistico looked as great as he did - especially early in Mistico's reign in CMLL.

Averno is now a man without an arch-rival.  Before Mistico's departure it seemed like something was going on - perhaps a build to the actual mask vs. mask match between the two.  But, whatever was in the works is now never going to happen, and this match was a blatant attempt to slide Mascara Dorada into position as Averno's main rival.

This match was not as good as most Averno vs. Mistico matches.  That is because Mascara Dorada is not as polished and well rounded as Mistico was when he and Averno kicked off their feud.  Normally, I wouldn't just blatantly compare one wrestler to another in this manner, but CMLL is sliding Dorada into Mistico's spot, so it is a comparison worth making. 

As good as Averno is as a base, Dorada my be even better as a high flyer.  Dorada is amazing to watch, as he pulls off some of the most mind blowing dives and high-flying moves.  However, it is a well known secret that right now, Dorada is working on a bad leg.  No one is really sure how bad it is, but Dorada had significant time off at the end of 2010, and missed a lot of time in early 2011 before the Fantasticamania shows. 

I assume that, because of the injury, we do not get to see some of the more crazy dives that Dorada is capable of in this particular match.  What we get are a couple badass difficult dives, such as the rana running from the ramp into the ring, but nothing really mind blowing.  Which was what this match needed.

This match was CMLL's attempt to say "Hey, we might not have Mistico anymore, but we have Mascara Dorada, and he is awesome!". That means that Dorada had to come out here with everything he had and make the fans toss money in the ring afterward - anything less would be missing the target.  By no means was this match bad, but this was not the match from these two that CMLL needed.  If we are in fact getting a mask match between these two at the big Dos Leyendas show in March, then this match being average cost both men money, and the promotion ticket sales.

The lackluster finish made Dorada look good, but it was not a hot finish, and the fans responded not by cheering, but by getting up and leaving because the matches were over for the night.  You can't do that.  You have to leave the fans wanting more, so they will buy another ticket.  That was the purpose of this match, and in that regard it failed.

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