Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #91 - Super Crazy vs. Tajiri

Super Crazy vs. Tajiri
29 January, 2011
Shinjuku Face; Tokyo, Japan
FCF Championship Match

The funniest thing about this match, to me, was the fact that the graphic on the screen at the end states the match went 18 minutes and 58 seconds.  The clip is only 16:30 to begin with, and the match was finished just after the 14:00 mark, and there were a couple minutes at the beginning of the clip that were part of a video package.  I've heard of shaving/stretching match times a bit, but that is kind of rediculous.

If you remember the classic Crazy/Tajiri matches of ECW, this is going to disappoint you.  A lot.  Tajiri didn't look bad at all.  He competes pretty regularly as a freelancer and with New Japan, and has been pretty successful since he left the WWE to go back to his homeland.  Crazy however, looked horrible towards the end of his WWE run, and has been largely going thru the motions on indy lucha shows.  In this match, Tajiri essentially carries Crazy thru the layout of one of their old ECW matches.

Crazy hit a lot of his signature offense, but not really anything special.  he was having trouble keeping up with Tajiri, and there were a few points in the match where it was blatantly obvious that Tajiri was slowing down and waiting for Crazy to catch up.  Even when Crazy did his triple moonsaults from the corner, it looks slow and plodding.

Getting old sucks kids.

This was my first experience with SMASH, and it looks intriguing.  Worked MMA matches on the same card as wrestling, and it is largely Japan vs. Finland?  Could be interesting...

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