Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #85: Bad Intentions vs. Atlantis & Okumura

Bad Intentions vs. Atlantis & Okumura
22 January, 2011
Korakuen Hall; Tokyo, Japan
IWGP Tag Team Championship Match

I haven't touched Project 33 in about a week - mostly because I have been sick, busy, and not home.  I was about ten days behind heading into February, and I am further than that now.  Sorry if you are a devoted reader, but real life, and my wrestling life, took precedence. 

Jumping right back into Fantasticamania 2011, this is the IWGP Tag Title defense by Anderson & Bernard against the CMLL team of Okumura & Atlantis.  Atlantis needs no introduction really - he is one of the all-time greats of CMLL, and is in the later stages of his career, but can still go in the ring.  Okumura, the only Japanese in this match, is a regular with CMLL, and behind the scenes serves as a mediator and translator for the Japanese talent that comes into CMLL. 

Oh, and Atlantis and Okumura have never teamed together, as far as I know.  So, it was pretty obvious they were not gonna win this match.  However, the mystique behind the match was this: would old-man-Atlantis survive the beating handed to him by the hottest tag team in Japan? 

Surprisingly, Atlantis & Okumura actually worked together pretty well, although this match was still essentially a showcase for Anderson & Bernard, as evidenced by the post-match promo with Nakanishi.  All-in-all however, it was a solid tag team match. 

Anderson picked up the pinfall with the Gun-Stun, aka a Ace Crusher/Stunner/Diamondcutter/RKO.  Anderson has been picking up quite a few wins for the team recently with just that move... which means that it is being booked as a match-ending maneuver.  Bernard has the size & power, but Anderson has the deadly move. 

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