Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #84: Liger vs. Sombra

Jushin Liger vs La Sombra
22 January, 2011
Korakuen Hall; Tokyo, Japan
CMLL Middleweight Championship Match

CMLL and NJPW have a talent exchange deal, so the two companies ran "Fantasticamania 2011" - two shows featuring CMMLL vs. NJPW matches.  In this particular match, Sombra challeneged Liger for the CMLL Middleweight Championship.  Liger had picked up this championship in Japan last year from Negro Casas, and ended up winning the CMLL Universal Tournament last year on top of that. 

In many ways, this match illustrates why Sombra is perhaps the best of the younger generation of CMLL stars, when it comes to adapting to the Japanese style.  Much of it probably has to do with competing in last years "Best of the Super Juniors" tournament, but even in that tournament Sombra seemed to adapt to the Japanese style much quicker and better than, for example, Mistico.

The speculation was that Sombra would pick this championship up in this match, because him defeating Liger for a championship in Japan would make him in Japan.  That may be the case, but it didn't take place in this match.  Liger is big enough of an international name that maybe CMLL is saving that victory for a big Arena Mexico event?  Maybe Liger will do the honors on a big NJPW card?  I do not know.

This match was very solid.  It was more of a puroresu style than lucha, but it was wrestled in the three-falls format.  But, we got three falls that were all pretty much of equal length, with a ton of bigger spots in the third fall.  I loved the swank looking submission Liger pulled out to win the 2nd fall.

Supposedly this was one of the best matches on either night of the show... in one way I hope not, as there was some other stuff I am looking forward to watching...

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