Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #82: Lawler vs. Savage

Jerry Lawler vs. Randy Savage
12 December, 1983
Mid-South Coliseum; Memphis, TN
Steel Cage Match

This match was chopped to bits, which sucks.  I have seen this footage a few times before, and if the whole match exists on video somewhere, I have never seen it. 

The reason I watched this anyway, was because this is a pretty damn important match in wrestling history.  For whatever reason, there was heat between Jerry Jarrett, the Memphis promoter, and Angelo Poffo.  Poffo ran an outlaw promotion in opposition to Jarretts, but they didn't exactly overlap.  Poffo's ICW was based out of Lexington, KY, and essentially ran spot shows all over Kentucky and Southern Illinois.  It was a pesky promotion that always managed to hang on. 

Well, business had somewhat dried up for ICW by 1983, and Savage burst on to the scene in Memphis, in what was one of the first real "invasion angles".  Savage showed up at the Memphis Studio show one day with his dad and called out Lawler, and demanded a cage match. 

After a few months of build up, this is that cage match.  That is perhaps the worst cage I have ever seen, except for perhaps the cage ICW used for the Savage/Garvin cage match.  It takes away from the match a bit, because when they hot it, it looks like it is gonna fall down.  Savage climbing to the top of that wobbly sumbitch and jumping off proves that he was indeed bat-shit-crazy though. 

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