Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #80 - British Bulldogs vs. Rock n Roll Express

Rock N Roll Express vs. British Bulldogs
12 February, 1989
Memorial Hall; Kansas City, MO

So, this is like a dream match from the 1980s that I never knew existed, until just now.  Apparently someone from the old Central States territory hooked up with the AWA via All-Japan, and booked the Rock n Rolls (who were freelancing during some time off from Corckett's NWA) against the Bulldogs (who were All-Japan regulars after leaving the WWF).  So, this dream match took place in Kansas City of all places, in what the video shows as a sparse crowd.  What a shame. 

Now, I have seen better matches from both teams, but I do not think this is bad by any means.  I think if you went into this expecting to see the Bulldogs channel the Midnight Express and just cheat their tails off to beat the RnRs, you were fooling yourself.  These two teams had never met before, and didn't know each other as well as the RnR and the MXE.  And although they were both muscle bound strong men, the Bulldogs didn't have the height to act like the Road Warriors and just demolish the RnR.  So, the Bulldogs went to a more subtle heel approach in the beginning, and got more blatant with things as the match wore on. 

Which was probably a pretty wise move.  The RnR were prettyboy babyfaces that made their money getting beat on and coming back.  Both Bulldogs had experience working as heels, but were best known for their run as babyfaces in the WWF at this point.  If the Bulldogs just went out there and heeled it up from the get-go, it would have alienated some of the fans that came to see the fan favorite Bulldogs. 

The match was very basic standard tag team wrestling, save for the fact that they worked two mini-heats on Morton and Gibson, before settling in to work an extended heat on Morton.  In between, both Bulldogs took a turn getting beat on too.  In all, this was a solid match that was good, but not great.  It makes you wonder though, about what would have happened if these two teams worked together regularly. 

And although I usually try to ignore commentary, it was very hard here.  Johnny Valiant and Carmine Dispirito were horrible and annoying, and took away from the match.  Valiant was constantly trying to put himself over, and yet kept calling the wrestlers inthe match "Ricky Martin" and "Dynamite Smith".  I thnk he even called them the "English Bulldogs" once or twice.  Horrible. 

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