Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #79: Muscle Orchestra & Kanemoto vs. Bad Intentions & Liger

Nakanashi, Jon Anderson & Koji Kanemoto vs. Giant Bernard, Machinegun Anderson, & Jushin Liger
29 January, 2011
New Sunpia Gym; Tochigi Japan

This appears to be a small arena mid-tour trios match featuring rival two tag teams, and two rival junior heavyweights.  It is kinda funny - this show was a sellout with 877 paid, and it is a b-town show for New Japan.  Keep in mind, unlike in the US, many different promotions run this building on a regular basis.  Yet, they seem to manage to sell it out every time they appear there.  Meanwhile, TNA has trouble drawing these kinds of numbers to arenas they only go to once or twice a year.  I think the guys busted ass pretty good for being in front of a "small crowd". 

It also makes me wonder how well the WWE would do in the US, if they had a touring schedule like in Japan or Mexico.  The US is an oddball country that has massive arenas in every town that hold over 10000 people for events.  I wonder how well the WWE would do if they had to run, for instance, Madison Square Garden three times a week, like CMLL often does with Arena Mexico.  I wonder how well WWE would do if they had to run a 1000 seat building every month in Fargo.  That is one of the things people just do not get about wrestling today, versus yesteryear.  If you look back, it is amazing that towns like Memphis would sell 10000 seats every Monday night for wrestling.  Sure, not every Monday was the place a sellout, but now, WWE comes to town once or twice a year and sells 20000 for television, and maybe 12000 for a house show.  Think about how different that is from drawing 5000 to the same building every week. 

Anyway - this match was well worked and interesting for a number of reasons.  First of all, Anderson's antics were straight Memphis style comedy, and they got over like gold to the Japanese fans.  Wrestling can so totally be universal!  Muscle Orchestra appear to have great chemistry together, and as a team appear to have good chemistry with Anderson & Bernard. 

Jon Strongman Andersen may just get my vote in the Tapatia Awards for most improved of 2010... except I think he has shown the most improvement in Japan, which is more his style.  When wrestling in Mexico, he is an awesome tecnico playing off his massive size advantage and strength. But, in Japan he seems more comfortable, and can work with more guys his size - and he shows a great ability to sell... at least compared to a year ago.

Liger totally looks like a Payoso with the yellow hair under the mask. 

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