Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #78 - Dr. Cerebro vs. Comando Negro

Dr. Cerebro vs. Comando Negro
30 January, 2011
Arena Anaucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico
IWRG Intercontinental Light-heavyweight Championship Match

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A few posts back I talked about how sometimes Dr. Cerebro just seems to go thru the motions, but when he is not, he is right up there with Black Terry and Negro Navarro as a master mat technician.  This match is a great example of that. 

Comando Negro is an awesome rookie in IWRG.  He has gotten pushed to the moon since the autumn season began, and this was another big win.  But, this match was really all Dr. Cerebro. 

Doc paced the three falls well here, and essentially controlled the rookie on the mat.  Sure, Comando got offense, but this match was a showcase for what Doc can do on the mat.  Not only did Doc bust out some awesome holds that you do not see too often, but he also did some great exchanges that led to pretty commonplace holds. 

I didn't take notes or anything while watching, but I am pretty sure there wasn't an Irish-Whip into the ropes or anything until the second fall, when Comando took over.  Even though they busted out some dives and some bigger spots in the third fall, it was still wrestled on the mat, with hold being exchanged. 

I will certainly agree that this type of match is not for everyone, but I love this type of lucha libre championship match.  I wish, in the television ratings era, that more US promotions took this example for random throwaway title matches.  I mean, if you have a random championship match on Raw or Impact to build an angle, why not have a relatively clean championship match with a ton of mat wrestling and intensity, rather than five minutes of high-speed action followed by a run-in? 

Not that I am saying that Smackdown next week should have two guys go out there and emulate this exact match, but I think it would go a long way to make championships seem important if you had two guys fighting over it with intensity, such as this.  That is one thing I love about old school lucha - despite what feud was going on or whatnot, guys wrestled a different style in title matches, to get over the importance of the championship. 

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