Sunday, January 16, 2011

WWC January 15th Results

WWC (15 Jan) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
Attendance: 65

1) Heather Owens def. GG Bradley by pinfall
2) Terry Reines def. Ultra Mega Masked Homicide by submission
3) Princeton Travis def. Jake Ashworth by pinfall
4) Marvel Trice def. Eclipso by pinfall
5) Ganger DRAW Scary Gary by double countout
6) Nikita Allanov def. JT Stahr by pinfall
7) Cody Hawk def. Tom Sharp by pinfall
8) Matt Taylor def. Aaron Williams by pinfall (WWC NA)

Before our match, JT Stahr announced to the crowd that win or lose, tonight was his last match in WWC, as he was moving on to another phase in his life, and moving to the west coast.  He talked about how he loved wrestling in front of the WWC fans, and he felt like he had accomplished everything he could have in WWC.  Nikita Allanov then made his way to ringside, and stated that everyone thinks that JT is the best wrestler in WWC, but that he was.  Nikita said they had faced each other twice, and the serie was split at one win apiece, but that he would win tonight to prove he was the best. 

The two men proceeded to have a mat wrestling clinic, exchanging holds and counter-holds for a large portion of the match, before the action spilled out on the floor.  Things heated up back in the ring, with both men going for their pet moves, and either missing them, or the opponent kicking out.  Stahr went for a top rope crossbody, which knocked out referee Brian Church.  As a second official was sent from the back, the match continued, with Allanov finally getting the victory after nailing Stahr with the Red Scare piledriver, and getting the 1,2, 3. 

WWC Returns to Aberdeen on Saturday February 12th. 

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