Sunday, January 23, 2011

RWA "Uprising 3" Results - 22 Jan 2011

RWA (22 Jan) 5th St. Gym; West Newton, PA
Attendance: 200

1) CJ Sensation def. Scottie Gash by pinfall
2) Pocket Rockets def. Chris Arkadian in a handicap match by reverse decision
3) Jon Burton def. Chris Taylor by pinfall
4) Ryan Edmonds & Shane Valentine def. Jay Ice & Shane Valentine by pinfall
5) Patrick Hayes def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
6) Stryder def. Jock Samson in an "I Quit" match (RWA PA)
7) G-Raver def. Troy Lords by pinfall (RWA Cruiser)
8) Calvin McGrath def. Ashton Amherst by pinfall in a "Dog Collar" match
9) Ryan Mitchell def. Brandon K by pinfall (RWA Heavy)

As you can see clearly see on THIS flyer for the show, I was scheduled to wrestle in a three way against my old nemesis Chris Taylor, and Sports Journalist Jon Burton.  After confirming with the RWA promoter Dr. Feelbad multiple times (due to weather) that the show was still going down, I arrived at the facility before the show, only to find out I was no longer booked.  Considering that I drove over four hours to the event and had people coming to the show specifically to see me compete, I was told by Feelbad that he wanted Burton to take out Taylor one-on-one, and that he had no match for me.  I was pretty pissed off naturally, but even more so when Feelbad said that I would not be receiving my booking fee, even though I arrived as scheduled.  Instead, he offered me as many hotdogs as I wanted, the ol' McKeesport payday.

So, rather than leave, RWA Commissioner Tommy Faime asked me to stay and watch the show as his guest.  After Patrick Hayes interferred in the Burton/Taylor match and was revealed as the fifth member of Feelbad's stable, Faime asked me if I would be willing to wrestle Hayes.  I told him that it would be a pleasure, and I got ready for my match.

I was having my way with Hayes, and setting him up for the dreaded Soviet Sickle, when Burton hit me with a chair, returning the favor to Hayes from earlier.  Hayes capitalized and got the pinfall, but Feelbad definitely made an enemy on this night. 

And, since Jock Samson had been recruiting me to help him out as a fellow Buckeye, I felt that the relationship had become very one-sided, with Samson getting my assistance, and not helping me out.  So, I came to ringside during his "I Quit" match with Stryder, and kept him from using Stryder's rugby ball as a weapon. 

In other words, I am now a fan favorite in Pittsburgh, and it looks like I have made enemies with Samson and the Feelbad five.  Looks like some big matches on the horizon, and some money to be made!

Also, the crowd was great for this event.  The weather, the cold, the football, none of it mattered - the building was packed and the atmosphere was great all night long.  I really enjoy working at RWA. 

A photo I took from the lockerrom during the semi-main event: McGrath vs. Amherst

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