Thursday, January 06, 2011

RCW Tag Team Invitational Saturday February 5th in Jackson, OH

RCW has always tried to emphasize the REVOLUTIONARY part of RCW. We are doing so once again with an event that is sure to become an annual tradition. THE RCW INVITATIONAL TAGTEAM CUP will showcase some of the best teams of past and present and the two timelines will collide with one team surviving. The surviving team will not only have the prestige of winning the tournament but will be presented with a trophy and 1 match of their choosing. The RCW INVITATIONAL will be held on Saturday February, 5th at the Jackson YMCA located at 594 East Main Street. Doors will open at 6:30pm with a 7:30pm Bellltime. Tickets will be available this coming Monday 1/17 in Jackson at the YMCA - 594 East Main St. & at Valero's Mom's Pizza on Huron Street. Tickets available in Portsmouth at Portsmouth Pizzeria and Castle Comics. First Row Seating is only available here on which also has regular presale tickets. Let's take a look at the teams in the tournament and other matches.

  • PRETTY IN PINK: "Captivating" Corey Mason & "Pretty Boy" Jimmy Malloy may not be respected by many but there in no denying that they are a force due to the fact they are the current RCW World Tagteam Champions. The 2 won the titles in their first ever RCW match as a team just last month at Full Circle 8. There is something to be said about that, but can the team keep up the momentum and also capture the RCW INVITATIONAL TROPHY. If so, the sky is the limit for Pretty In Pink.
  • EXCALIBUR: "American Idol" Dirk Extreme & Randy "The King" Allen have a storied history. The 2 started RCW with an intense rivalry that lead to the duo teaming and becoming the 1st EVER RCW World Tagteam Champions. Excalibur caused so much havoc and chaos, then adding members and dropping members until none of the original members were even left. Extreme and Allen though have always had a love/hate relationship. One day they are ready to end the others career, the next day they are helping each other. Both do what's best for themselves and will turn on anyone including each other in a Heartbeat. What would happen if Excalibur came back into the RCW fold?
  • THE BLACK IRISH SAINTS: "Dangerous" Damien Kass & Devlin Anderson have not been in RCW as team for very long but their onslaught all over OHIO is well known. DDK has been a tagteam champion before in RCW and knows the division from every angle. He and Anderson have demolished teams all over Ohio with their "I JUST WANNA FIGHT" attitude. Sometimes it seems it's more about the fight then actually winning for these 2. Maybe that's what it will take to win THE RCW INVITATIONAL.
  • T-N-T: It is true! TANK RUNYON is returning to the ring for this tournament to team with former partner Trik Nasty. This duo remains one of the most popular tandems in RCW history that also resulted in the unforgettable feud that gave us some of our favorite RCW moments. Tank says he's ready for this. Trik is ready to tag with his former partner BUT let's not forget that Trik according to the stipulation at FC8 is now "American Idol" Dirk Extreme's ROADIE. Will that play into the tournament or will Dirk give him a pass for this event?
  • ADRENALINE X: "Relentless" Ron Mathis & Devon Maximus have been on the verge of winning the RCW Tagteam Titles on a few occasions now. The 2 are also becoming synonymous with Tagteam Wrestling throughout the Tri-State Area. A win at the RCW INVITATIONAL could propel this team to the top. They have had excellent matches with both Metal Mayhem and The Black Irish Saints. We understand there are a couple managers looking at acquiring this team for their stable....
  • METAL MAYHEM: "Bad News" Keith Hamlin & Heavy Metal ruled the RCW Tagteam roost for most of 2010. They became a favorite for the fans and were instrumental in bringing new teams into RCW to challenge them. They may have lost the Tagteam Titles at FC8 but many feel they were robbed since Heavy Metal had to defend alone due to Hamblin on the receiving end of an illness that prevented him from being at the show. They could win the trophy and then use the reward to get a rematch for Tag Titles.
  • WRESTLEOHIO: Being RCW's primary sponsor....The Mastermind wasn't going to let WRESTLEOHIO be left out of this tournament. He has entered Nikita Allanov and Maxx Power into the foray. The 2 have been awesome in singles action but this will be the first time the 2 have tagged. Being the only NEW team in the tournament, it would be impressive if they were able to win coveted prize. No doubt Mastermind and Sara are scheming of different ways to take over the company and get rid of President, Al Snow. If they were to win the tournament they may be able to force Al Snow into a match and put him out for good.
  • THE GODS: IT'S TRUE! Judas Thorn (RCW World Heavyweight Champion) has agreed to team up once again with The Juggulator. Thorn and Juggualtor first teamed together in RCW then made their way throughout the tristate and beyond as The Murder Junkies. They are one of the most feared teams EVER in the area and it all began here in RCW as THE GODS. These two had a bloody brawl at Full Circle 8 last month. At the end of the night Juggulator FIRED Exotic E. Was that enough for these two to trust each other once again? Juggulator sent an RCW Cameraman to deliver a message to Thorn, straight from the horse's mouth. You can see it, in this RCW Facebook EXCLUSIVE by clicking HERE

Flash Fury VS JD Santos

In singles action Flash Fury will have a shot at revenge as he takes on JD Santos. Back at FC8, Santos shocked everyone when he stopped Flash short of recapturing the RCW North American Title. It appears that JD feels bitter about not ever getting a rematch for the belt he lost at Injection 8. You can bet that Randy Allen will be keeping his eye on this match as the winner is sure to be coming for his North American Title.

Keep checking for more information. You don't want to miss this event!  

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