Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #77 - Apaches vs Traumas

Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs. Los Traumas
29 January, 2011
Arena Lopez Mateos; Tlalnepantla, México

Part 2

So, minutes into this match, the fans were chanting "Esto Es Lucha" as Trauma I was stretching Mari Apache on the mat.  I was somewhat amazed, as this was a DTU show, where they tend to pop for things like Joe Lider raking barbwire across someone's face.  BUt, in recent months DTU has booked some Apache/Navarro matches, so maybe the fans are starting to enjoy some good wrestling rather than copycat US hardcore violence...

This match was a little slow for me at first.  Although I really enjoy the matwork of the Traumas, they both really kind of ate up the Apaches here, not really giving the ladies much at all.  To an extent, I do not really have a problem with that.  While I normally would enjoy the Traumas stretching someone like that, here it just seemed like rubbing it in - hey, the two guys related to Negro Navarro are better on the mat than the Apache girls.  Go figure. 

However, about halfway thru the match Trauma II totally bitchslapped the shit out of Mari, and then it was on.  The Trauma boys tried throwing theri weight around a bit, but when things came up off the mat, the Apache girls started laying in those kicks, and things got interesting. 

Trauma II is often credited with being the better worker of the two Traumas, but I lean a bit towards Trauma I, and in this match he was the workhorse - at least until the finish.  One thing I like about Trauma I is that he seems better at working in submissions in the flow of a match, rather than just during the "mat time" at the beginning.  A beautiful example of this was when he ducked a clothesline and then superkicked the shit out of Apache, and then applied the Deathlock. 

I liked the finish too, with Trauma I getting shitcanned on the outside, and then the Apache girls suplexing the shit out of Trauma II in the ring.  Fabi sewed it up with a beautiful Tiger Suplex that got the win.  I wish the fans were chanting "Esto Es Lucha" after all that! 

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