Friday, January 28, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #75: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Mistico

Ultimo Guerrero vs. Mistico
January, 2011
Arena Coliseo; Mexico City, Mexico

Part 2

Remember that Ultimo Guerrero formula I was talking about in my last post?  It rears its head again here.  The first two falls total about five minutes.  The two falls were pretty decent, if unspectacular.  A rudo attack before the bell by Ultimo leads to him dominating the first fall, but Mistico hits a giant flippy rollup of doom out of nowhere to get the pinfall.  Mistico gets a nice run for the second fall, but Ultimo cuts him off and then submits him with his crazy hold that needs a name. 

In true Ultimo formula fashion, we start trading nearfalls in the third fall, after some obligatory mask ripping.  I was pissed when Mistico tore Ultimo's mask, simply because that mask was badass, with the hologram-looking eyes.  It may have been my favorite mask that I have seen Ultimo wear.  Now, it is ruined.  Thanks Mistico.  The finish was somewhat different, but at the same time, it wasn't. 

You see, this was a minor show in Arena Coliseo (rather than Arena Mexico), with Ultimo and Mistico headlining in a 1-on-1 match while most of the CMLL crew was in Japan.  With this being a Sunday show, the Mexican crew was divided among Mexico City and Guadalahara... so this singles match was just kinda thrown out there on an obvious "B-Show".  So, Mistico and Ultimo kinda just went thru the motions in the match, but they had to have a gimmicked finish because Ultimo is the CMLL Heavyweight Champion, and Mistico isn't currently trotting around CMLL with a championship - and they do not appear to be going in the direction of a title match.  The finish was somewhat confusing though, because Mistico knocked the referee down while doing the headscissors into the La Mistica, but the referee disqualified Ultimo.  You see, the ref saw Ultimo low-blow Mistico, which is a bigtime reason for a DQ in Mexico.  Yet, in multiple replays, it was obvious that the referee did not see it.  Oops! 

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