Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #74: Psicosis vs. La Mascara

Psicosis vs. La Mascara
11 January, 2011
Arena Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico

So, this was a nice little singles match, but nothing particularly special.  What it does is give me a chance to contrast this match formula with the typical "Ultimo Guerrero Formula" for CMLL singles matches. 

As I have said before in other posts, The UG formula tends to be incredibly short first fall, followed by incredibly short second fall, followed by a longer third fall filled with near-falls and big spots.  While not necessarily a "bad" formula, it seems to be done ad nauseum in CMLL, to the point that they might as well just make it a one-fall match.  It is done so much that it is predictable. 

In this match, however, we have a different formula.  I do not know if it was a different agent or if these two just decided to deviate from the usual formula, but it was different.  What we had here was a first fall that was pretty long, and dominated by the rudo.  The bad blood that led to this singles match comes out early, with Psicosis ripping up Mascaras' mask.  Psicosis gets the first pinfall to put himself up, and continues the beatdown in the second fall, before Mascara makes a triumphant comeback, and submits Psicosis with the Campana. 

At this point, we have the match tied up, with Psicosis on the run from the now fired up tecnico Mascara.  This is the point where Mascara "hulks up", and the two men start exchanging pinfalls.  To make things even more awesome, Psicosis is attempting to submit Mascara now (revenge for making him submit in the second fall perhaps?) with a Cavernaria, which ultimately Mascara ends up catching Psicosis with for the win. 

Like I said, the match isn't anything spectacular, but it is an excellent illustration of the difference in formula from what CMLL usually coughs up in one-on-one matches these days.  For that alone, it was refreshing. 

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