Monday, January 24, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #72 - Cerebro, Navarro & Multifacetico vs. Commando, Apache, Masada

Dr. Cerebro, Negro Navarro & Multifacetico vs Masada, Gran Apache & Comando Negro
23 January, 2011
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico

Part 2    Part 3

This was a very solid match, but nothing really spectacular.  You could really tell that this match was just kind of thrown out there with no real purpose, other than to heat up the feud between Doc C and Comando Negro.  We had some pretty good exchanges between Apache and Negro Navarro.  We had a glimpse of what could do some pretty big business down the line for IWRG: Multifacetico versus Commando Negro.  We had Masada sticking to the mat and trying to go toe-to-toe with Navarro.  We had Masada and Cerebro continuing their on-again-off-again rivalry.

There was some pretty good stuff here; just not a lot of it.  Whenever the match seemed to pick up some steam, it seems like it came back down and just settled into being an okay match.  I was probably a little disappointed, because I had high hopes for this match. I'm blaming Doc Cerebro.

Doc is highly underrated.  He is a guy that I do not understand.  Sometimes he can go out there and seem like the best wrestler on the planet.  He gets the crowd behind him, he is superior with the mat skills, he can brawl well, he has a good look to him... in a lot of ways Doc is the total package.  However, he is often overshadowed by teaming with Black Terry.  In some of his singles matches, however, he seems to just kinda be there, and not take that extra step to make an ordinary match great.  That is why I think a lot of people do not rank him as high as they do Black Terry or Negro Navarro.  Considering that Doc never really made the jump to CMLL or AAA despite being very talented, I would guess he doesn't have the desire to be on the road that much, or he has another career that he doesn't want to give up.  Regardless, this match is a great example of Doc just kinda being there, rather than being a workhorse.

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