Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #69: Nemesis vs. Judge

Nemesis vs. Judge Tough Love
19 June, 2010
Adrian Fairgrounds; Adrian, Michigan
TXWE Heavyweight Championship Match

Part 2


I hate Hot Topic.  Every kid that breaks into wrestling and thinks he is the third Hardy brother goes to Hot Topic and buys baggy jeans and thinks that they are the most awesomest wrestler ever.  Aside from it just looking tacky and unprofessional, these jeans tend to have snaps and zippers all over them.

As a wrestler, I have a few basic rules.  One, is that if you go into a match with me wearing a piercing of any kind, it is fair game.  Second, you wearing shit with buckles and zippers all over it means that you are going to slice me to bits - I do not play that shit at all.  Snaps, Zippers & Buckles = me hurting you.  Badly. 

I knew this match was going to be spectacular as soon as I saw all the leather and metal on Nemesis' "gear".  It only got better when Tough Love came to the ring, with lots of sweet metal buckles on his boots. 

I only wish Nemesis put as much time and effort into his in-ring skills as he does his gear.  Between the makeup and the crazy outfits, Nemesis has a good chunk of change invested in his gear.  However, it does not look like he has invested time and effort into becoming a good wrestler.  Not only does this match lack any intensity, crowd interaction, or psychology, it also lacks wrestling.  Also, tons of makeup and expensive outfit, yet Nemesis still wears the classic indy wrestler black t-shirt with a skull on it.  Priceless. 

Wrestling is so much more than putting on an outfit, coming up with a "gimmick", and going out and doing holds or moves.  I have said many times that in this day and age, all it takes to be a promoter is a ring and a building.  Because that is all it takes to be a promoter, all it takes to be a wrestler is someone throwing you in a ring and letting you have a match.  While this is not the biggest crowd ever, there appears to be about seventy or so people at this show - which (sadly) is not too terrible by indy standards.  Now, I do not know how many of them paid to attend this event, but for chrissake, this was the main event of the show!  Two guys going out there and doing this kinda shit was their top draw! 

Here is what blows my mind - the "match" starts with the ring announcer bringing out the next match: at which point the champion (Nemesis) hits the ring.  Right off the bat he has a unusual look, which is not bad.  Then, he talks.  This scary looking dude has a voice that does not match at all.  If a dude with this look needs to get on the mic, you put a manager with him.  That is what managers are for.  If he is gonna say anything, he needs to have a gravelly rough voice.  He does not.  Then his opponent comes out, who is also a champion, and the match starts.  So, the main event to this show was a title vs. title match, and it was not advertised because it was a surprise angle.  Oops! 

I do not know anything about these guys.  I think that Judge Tough Love might just be green, but when you see his face, he looks older.  Maybe he broke in late, or maybe he just looks older.  I am really hoping this guy isn't that bad and a ten year veteran or something. 

There is just no enthusiasm behind any of the moves these guys do.  They sell and no-sell things, and it all looks the same.  They do not sell their own offense, or their opponents.  It is just a heaping pile of suck.  Not only that, but they do the same moves over and over again.  Punches, bodyslams, leg drops.  Ugh!

At some point during the match, another wrestler comes to ringside, and walks around.  No fans give any heat to this (just like the match!), and after we get pretty close to the fifteen minute time limit, this guy rolls in the ring for no reason and goes after Judge Tough Love.  No one cared.  Judge follows him out of the ring and they exchange chops.  Well, the both stand there and let the other guy chop them, while Nemesis lays supine in the ring.  Judge and this guy exchange wack looking punches all the way to the curtain.  This allows a guy in a mask to run to the ring, and stand over Nemesis.  Shockingly, he pulls off the mask, to reveal another mask (which honestly, looks pretty damn cool)!  He then covers Nemeis for the pinfall, but Nemesis manages to kick out, thus ruining the finish (I know, I know, but it really did ruin the finish).  This causes Mil Mascaras Jr. here to punch him a few times, before making another cover, which nemesis again kicked out of, but the referee said "fuck it" and counted three anyway.  Then ol' Mil cuts a promo in another teenage boy voice, playing to the crowd as a face, even though he just did the most evil rudo thing possible... to a heel. 


Kids, this is why I hate wrestling. 

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