Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #68: Andrews vs. Creed vs. Red

Amazing Red vs. Qeenan Creed vs. Scoot Andrews
2 November, 2001
Cain Athletic Center; Chestertown, MD

This match is a total last from the past!  I was just having a conversation last night in the lockerroom about Scoot Andrews, and only a couple people even knew who I was talking about.  So, today I looked him up on youtube, and there was only one match uploaded that I found featuring the "Black Nature Boy".

Scoot Andrews was one of those guys that was a "super indy" right at the time when WWF, WCWC, and ECW were all at war with each other, before ECW and WCW went out of business.  He was a guy that you could hear people say good things about on the various internet websites popular in those days, and you would see his name and articles in Magazines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated, but you never actually saw.  I mean, if we are completely honest here, when it comes to the non-major promotions in the US, PWI and the other magazines have an "East Coast bias", which is actually more of a Northeast Bias to be technical.  You see, the magazines are all located in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia area, so it is easy for them to cover the promotions in that area.  Andrews was a very solid worker in the late 1990s with a good build, that was working a lot in ECWA in Delaware, and MCW in Maryland.  The Apter Mags loved to cover these promotions.  Thus, Andrews became one of those guys that the in-the-know crowd had heard of, and expected big things from.

Queenan Creed was a guy who got a lot of press, but at least in my mind, never really wrestled outside of the Maryland area.  He was a mainstay of MCW, and I used to wrestle on shows with him out in Hagerstown at NWL.  Another beneficiary of the East Coast bias.  Creed was a very solid hand though, and again, was a guy that the insiders and tape traders knew about.

Even at this point of his career, Amazing Red was making a name for himself as part of the SAT's.  Although most people just associate the SATs with the Maximo Brothers, the original "Spanish Announce Team" also included Red and Brian XL.  Red was small and flippy and reminded people of Rey Misterio Jr., so he got even more exposure.  Although he ended up being plagued by injuries in the middle of the '00s, Red was working ROH, TNA, and ton of indy dates and Japan, and is working in TNA again.  He ended up being the biggest star of the three guys in this match.

Now, this match has a major problem with it right off the bat.  It is an elimination three-way.  Elimination means that once a guy is pinned, the match continues until another guy is pinned.  Thus, it makes zero sense at all to break up a pinfall or submission in this match.  Yet, they do non-stop thru the match. 

Now, what they did do great in this match was keep the action going, and have all three men involved.  I may have mentioned this before, but I hate three ways, mostly because I hate being in them.  But, a three way can be good if it inst just a series of two guys being paired off and one guy outside the ring.  This wasn't like that, for the most part.  In fact, if this match was simply a one-fall match, it would have been exceptional.  But, working the match in complete contrast to the rules cannot be looked past.

I wish there were more Scoot Andrews matches online...

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