Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #65 - Muta vs. Hall

The Great Muta vs. Scott Hall
1989 - WCW Worldwide
CSU Pavillion; Cleveland, OH

This match was ridiculously short.  But, it was also a pretty damn good lil match.  Keep in mind, at this time, Scott Hall was a virtual nobody.  He was just a journeyman preliminary wrestler.  He had caught the eye of Dusty Rhodes in the Florida territory, so he floated around for a few years when dusty needed a bigger guy to fill out cards.  Up to this point, his biggest run had actually been about five years prior in the AWA as Curt Hennig's tag team partner, but by 1989 that was largely forgotten and Hall was just another dude putting over guys on WCW Worldwide tapings.

Muta, however, was about as hot of an act in 1989 as you would find.  Sent over tothe US on his "learning excursion" bu New Japan, Muta caught lightning in a bottle after getting paired up with Gary Hart in Texas, who made him over into an updated version of the Great Kabuki.  When Hart went to WCW along with Muta, Muta was an instant hit.  Not only did he work his gimmick to perfection, but Hart knew just how to fuel the fire on the stick.  Plus, Muta had incredible chemistry in the ring with the two most popular wrestlers in WCW - Sting and Ric Flair.

What we have in this match is a typical television squash match, where Muta got a quick decisive win over a bigger opponent.  The funny thing is, Hall actually looked more impressive here, as he was pulling out moves I had never seen from him before, such as the writslock fireman's takeover.  To me, Hall was always a guy who was decent in the ring, but his strength was in his charisma (which in 1989, no one had discovered).  Here he was pulling out sweet arm holds, throwing dropkicks, and using his size to his advantage.

The finish to the match also looked a little botched, but I think it was a case of what they wanted to do was somewhat screwed up, but what they ended up doing was perfectly fine.  My guess is that Hall was supposedto miss that cross body, hit the ropes, and then stumble back into the German Suplex by Muta.  Instead, Hall stumbled onto Muta, because he didn't roll out and up in time.  It didn't really matter when all is said and done, but from my trained eye, I'm guessing that is what happened.

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