Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #63 - Bad Intentions vs. Beer Money vs. Muscle Orchestra

Bad Intentions vs. Beer Money vs. Muscle Orchestra
4 January, 2011
Tokyo Dome; Tokyo, Japan
IWGP Tag Team Championship Match

Another match from Wrestlekingdom 5.

If you know me, you know that generally speaking, I hate three-ways.  It is probably because I hate wrestling in them, but I will freely admit that I do know of some that are fun to watch.  My issue with three-ways is that, often times, it is just a one-on-one match where the odd man out is out of the action for no discernible reason for an extended period of time.  That, and the old cliche' of the two heels working together, and then suddenly not getting along anymore when one tries to win the match.

Tag team three ways can be different however.  I like when it is three teams, but two guys in the ring, and the atmosphere is that "anyone can tag anyone".  Tag team three ways where three guys are legal, are usually beyond clusterfucks.

This match apparently was under "lucha style" rules, where when a guy went out, another guy came in regardless of tag.  That was probably a necessity, due to the amount of brawling at the beginning, and there not being a clear "psychology" of working over a particular wrestler or one of their body parts. 

Bad Intentions are getting a very sooid and sustained push in NJPW.  Bernard is their ace foreigner, and Anderson is a product of their own dojo that they are obviously behind big time.  Beer Money are the top team from TNA, while Nakanishi & Anderson are a make-shift team of sorts.  In a way, they are an old-school US-style "gimmick" tag team where they threw two guys with something in common together, and made them a team.  In this case, it was giant strong mofos. 

The match itself is pretty solid and fast paced - which it should be since it was the television opener.  Strongman Andersen impressed the hell out of me by gorilla pressing Bernard - that is a big boy!  Beer Money worked all of their trademark moves and played to the crowd in a very US-way, and it played on deaf ears (from what I read, that was the case with all of the TNA wrestlers).  I liked the gimmicked spots with Nakanishi & Anderson a lot; I think they could actually be a pretty damn entertaining team.  Beer Money and Bad Intentions seem to have a pretty good chemistry between them - I need to look up that match from last summer and watch it. 

Big, big letdown when the director missed the finish here.  I wanted to see Bull Buchanon totally pin that guy!

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