Monday, January 10, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #61 - Terry & Navarro vs. Mortal & Apache

Black Terry & Negro Navarro vs. Angel Mortal & Gran Apache
9 January, 2010
Arena Naucalpan, Naucalpan, Mexico

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Negro Navarro is perhaps my most favorite wrestler ever when it comes to mat wrestling.  I have never seen anyone be quite the monster on the mat that he is, except perhaps Solar (although most of my Solar watching has been against Navarro...).  As I explained in a previous posting, I believe that Black Terry may be one of the most well rounded wrestlers on the planet right now.  I am not a big fan of the AAA product overall, but Gran Apache is one of the wrestlers there that I like to watch when he is in a good match.  In fact, one of my favorite feuds of the past decade was the epic "Apache vs. Billy Boy" series. 

All three of these guys are awesome master technicians, and can go on the mat all day long.  And then there was Angel Mortal.  My familiarity with Angel Mortal pretty much begins and ends with him teaming with Mr. Condor and Nygma in preliminary AAA matches against younger highflyers, like the Real Aire Fuerza.  But, in a lot of those early prelim matches, there was some mat wrestling.  Could we have a mat classic here?

Yes, and no. 

The confrontations between Black Terry and Apache were gold.  Angel Mortal was totally devoured on the mat by Navarro in the first fall.  While it was fun to watch from the standpoint of watching Navarro put crazy holds on Mortal, if you aren't really into that, it was probably kinda just there. 

Mortal did manage to get his heat back going after Terry in the second and third falls, and in there we also got more good stuff with Navarro and Apache.  The ending, I kinda didn't like.  I like how Terry got a cheap pin after taking advantage of Apache hitting Mortal, but I would have enjoyed seeing Terry duke it out a bit with Apache, rather than Mortal just laying Apache out for Terry.  But, it seems to be an IWRG thing to keep their own guys looking weaker against the outside guys, for whatever reason. 

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