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"Project 33" - Match #60 - Terry & Cerebro vs. Traumas

Black Terry y Cerebro Negro vs los Traumas
29 April, 2010
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico

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CubsFan has this in his playlist for the Top Ten Lucha Matches of 2010, and I am not sure why.  Maybe it is just a case of different strokes for different folks, but I can think of multiple matches involving these same wrestlers that were better (even if they were not necessarily against each other).  The one thing that this match certainly does have, is a lot of time to showcase the awesomeness of Black Terry. 

The guys over at Segunda Caida are the biggest pimps of Black terry on the internet, but I enjoy Black Terry more than most.  In a lot of ways he is perhaps the most well-rounded wrestler in the world.  Yet, at the same time, he is usually plying his trade in few of a few hundred people in Arena Naucalpan.  You could certainly argue it is because of his age (and perhaps a lack of desire to travel anymore), but in a lot of ways Black Terry seems like he could be in a position with a major company doing so much more.

What I like about Black Terry is that he is well above average on the mat, but is not the best in IWRG, because Negro Navarro is right there.  However, the slightly younger Terry still has a bit more pep-in-his-step, so he takes bigger bumps than Navarro.  So, while Navarro might pretzalize wrestlers in more fun and different ways, Terry gets in there and stretches guys, and then will go toe-to-toe with them standing.

This leads to the opinion that many have that Terry is perhaps the best brawler in the world.  I would certainly throw some doubt at this claim, but I will argue that terry is a very concise brawler.  By this, I mean that Terry is able to take the fight out to ringside, out to the bleachers, and out to the concession stand, while making it exciting, but without it falling apart into a pointless bloodbath.  Terry is in control while on the floor, and knowing when to do what keeps him from falling into a category like Joe Lider; a guy who just goes out and brawls until everyone loses interest.

What this match showcases about Terry is that he gets in there and rolls around on the mat with the Traumas, and then he goes out and trades blows with them, and then they go out and brawl all over Arena Naucalpan, before going back into the ring for the big nearfalls, and eventually the finish. 

This isn't so much a great match, in my opinion, as it is a match that showcases all the strengths of Black Terry.

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