Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #57 - Sombra vs. Volador

La Sombra vs. Volador Jr.
30 August, 2010
Arena Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
Mexican Light-Heavyweight Championship Match

Part 1 (start at about 7min mark)

Part 3   Part 4

I'm watching this because The Cubs Fan has it on his list of Ten of the Best Lucha Matches of 2010, so I figured that would be a good place to see some matches I might have missed during the year.  For what it is worth, Sombra and Volador just had a match in December that was touted as a Match of the Year Candidate, but I have not seen it pop up on any video sites yet.  So, since this version from August made Cubs' top ten, I figured it was worth watching, at the very least. 

The first two falls of this are very much by-the-books CMLL singles matches these days - which usually seem to follow the "Ultimo Guerrero Formula": short first fall, short second fall, drama filled third fall that runs longer.  Which actually prompts a "chicken or egg" question; Did the formula originate from Guerrero, or from CMLL?  Anyhow, it doesn't really matter for this match, as the first two falls are your basic lucha match - although Volador does pull off a more than badass reverse rana in the second fall. 

The third fall is where this match gets ridiculously good, with it going from a by-the-book CMLL singles match into a Best of the Super Juniors NJPW style match.  Holy crap did these two guys break out the drama filled near falls. Don't misunderstand me, that is not a criticism.  In fact, it helps support my belief that the world of lucha libre and the world of puroresu are much closer together than either one is to what goes on in the US these days. 

What Sombra and Volador did here certainly could be improved upon, so maybe the December match was better.  But, what the two of them did here was damn exceptional.  I do not know if it would be my lucha match of the year, but I would definitely hear an argument why it would be.  Some people might complain about the finish, but you know what - that is an excellent heat-filled way for a rudo to go over in a match without having a disqualification, or some other type of gimmick.  The rudo cheated to win, and the tecnico didn't lose any steam with the fans because the rudo blatantly cheated and got away with it.  This is a finish that the fans will walk away from and say "Man, Sombra had Volador!  There is no way he could have won without cheating!" - not saying something like "Man, why did those guys come out and interfere and cost Sombra the match?  It was soooo good up until then!"

Sombra did a very impressive "reverse Irish-whip into a school-boy roll-up into a suplex" in the third fall of the match that was beyond awesome.  There were a lot of great moves in that third fall.  Awesome match - cannot recommend watching it enough. 

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