Sunday, January 02, 2011

"Project 33" - Match #55 - Black Lancer, Brava Jr. & Dr. Cerebro vs Segura & Los Traumas

Black Lancer, Carta Brava Jr. & Dr. Cerebro vs Mike Segura & Los Traumas
1 January, 2011
Arena Neza; Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico

Part 2   Part 3

So, I was holding out hope that this match would make me happy.  I do not know much about Lancer or Brava Jr., but I assumed a match featuring Doc C, Suicida, and the Navarro kids would be pretty damn good.

The first fall was very solid, with Doc and Trauma 2 going at it on the math IWRG-style.  It was pretty damn good and ended with the handshake of respect.  Then Suicida hit the ring and about five seconds later the first fall was over, with no dramatic build up, and I think everyone in the ring that was humanly possible.

The second fall was all over the place, with Black Lancer looking pretty damn ridiculous in his pink outfit, and no one really doing much.  It was kind of all over the place, but ended with the tecnico team of Traumas & Suicida going over.

In the third fall I was hoping for some redemption, and there was a pretty badass showing by Segura here.  I really like Suicida, I do.  I just wish he would wear actual gear these days, and not what appears tobe jeans and a t-shirt.  I'm not even sure he is wearing boots.  Anyway; after Segura tags out, the Traumas start laying in the pain to Brava and Lancer.  The plancha stomp onto Lancer looked particularly evil.  Brava perfectly set-up a chop battle with Trauma 1, but after Trauma nailed him with a Kobashi-like strike, Brava said "f' this" and didn't chop back.

I kinda wish Suicida & Cerebro had been on the same team here, because it probably would have been a much better match.  It wasn't bad for as much time as it had, but it was below the level I'm used to from Traumas/Cerebro/Suicida.

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