Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RWA "Season's Beatings 2" Results

RWA (11 Dec) 5th St Gym; West Newton, PA
Attendance: 150

1) CJ Sensation def. James Ross by pinfall
2) Scottie Gash & Brandon K def. CJ Sensationin a handicap match (RWA Tag)
3) Shane Valentine def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
4) Jimmy Nutts & JT Williams def. Chris Arkadian & K-Starr by pinfall
5) Seth Allen def. Ryan Edmonds by submission
6) G-Raver def. J-Ice by pinfall
7) Calvin McGrath def. Ashton Amherst by forfeit
8) Jock Samson def. Stryder by KO (RWA PA)
9) Brandon K & Scottie Gash def. Ryan Mitchell in a handicap match

There were a number of injuries and schedule conflicts heading into this show.  When the WWC Show schedule for this date was postponed, I elected to take the weekend off and let some injuries heal up (according to doctor's orders!).  However, I received a call from the folks at RWA Friday night, asking if I could take a match on short notice, so I ended up going up to Pittsburgh. 
Considering I was six days deep into "cheat week" when I took the match, I don't think I was able to give my best performance in the ring, and I was defeated.  Dammit! 
I did help Mr. Jock Samson retain his Pennsylvania championship in his match against Stryder, with my coaching acumen from ringside.  Me and Jock might end up making a pretty good team...

RWA returns to action in West Newton on January 22nd, with their 2nd Anniversary Event.  It has already been announced that I will be facing my long time nemesis Chris Taylor and Jon Burton in a triple threat match.  Should be a good one!

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