Tuesday, December 07, 2010

RCW "Full Circle 8" Results

RCW (4 December) Elks Lodge; Portsmouth, OH
8th Anniversary Event
Attendance: 200

1) Max Power def. JD Santos by pinfall
2) Pretty in Pink def. Metal Mayhem, Black Irish Saints, Adrenaline X by pinfall (RCW Tag)
3) Randy Allen def. Flash Fury by pinfall (Key/Ladder, RCW NA)
4) Onyx def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
5) Chuck Chronic def. Tyson Rogers by pinfall
6) Dirk Extreme def. Trik Nasty by pinfall (Hair vs. Humiliation)
7) Judas Thorn def. Juggulator by pinfall (Dog Collar)

My manager, the Mastermind, was handcuffed to ring announcer Kenny Young for the match.  Young took many liberties with the Mastermind, which was very Busch League.  After having Onyx on the ropes, referee Steve Helpenstein was speared by Onyx, which allowed me to nail Onyx with a Sickle.  However, with the referee down, I was unable to get the pinfall.  Mastermind was unable to help me revive the referee due to interference from Young, so he tried to toss me his cane when Onyx started to get up.  However, as I went to retrieve it, Onyx caught me with a spear, and Helpenstein was able to count the pinfall for Onyx. 

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