Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #51 - Low Rider vs. Drastik Boy

Low Rider vs. Drastik Boy
7 December, 2010
Arena Aficion; Pachuca, Mexico

Full disclosure: I have met Low Rider a few times in person when he has been working US Indy shows with Shiima Xion.  I think at that time he was only like 16 or 17.  Since then we have become great buddies on the internets (Thanks Al Gore!), and we call each other sintomas.  Since he posted this on his Facebook profile, I decided to watch it, and I might as well write about it, no?

If I am not mistaken, Low Rider is somehow related to Super Crazy/Crazy Boy, but I'm not sure how.  He has been working shows since he was like fifteen from what I understand, and has actually moved to Mexico to pursue a full time gig in lucha.  Props to him. 

Because of his amount of experience despite his age, this match actually is not bad at all for an opening match on an independent lucha card.  Actually, I should include Drastic in that statement as well, because both guys are about the same age, and appear to have trained together.  These two guys have probably wrestled each other a few hundred times between training matches, independent matches, DTU matches, and now PdM matches.  It actually shows, as everything seems to flow smoothly and they work the crowd pretty well.  

At the same time, both guys are doing things which look a little "choreographed", which I hate.  It isn't as bad as you will often see in US indys, but the sequences aren't as smooth as you would see on a major lucha libre card.  Plus, both guys look like kids.  I know there are lots of wrestlers in lucha who start out well below the 18 years required in most places in the US, but it really shows that these two are young.  Even though he has a mask, it just looks too big on Drastik, and Low Rider just has a babyface. 

I'm a mark for mat wrestling so I would have liked to have seen some as that - but it looks like they went out and did what they were supposed to do for an opening match on a television taping.  And all things considered, they did a good job on national tv as a couple of kids. 

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