Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #50 - Commando Negro Beats a Chicken Bloody

Commando Negro vs. Pollo
26 December, 2010
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico
Mascara vs. Mascara

Part 2   Part 3

I will simply list all the great things about this match...
  - Commando Negro is the biggest bastard in the world.  He doesn't care about giant chickens, midget chickens, or innocent bystanders and ringside - he is going to mess you up. 
 - Blood really stands out on a bright all yellow outfit.
 - Chickens cannot fly.  Pollo demonstrates this by going splat on the floor early.  Then he goes splat on a moonsault later. 
 - The barriers at ringside in Arena Naucalpan appear to be gone - so when Commando Negro does a dive in the third fall, chairs go flying.  But one guy has the attitude of "Fuck this, I ain't moving", and watches the action fly by him, then he quickly remembers to pick up his beer.  He has his curent brew inside a stack of empty paper cups, so it appears this guy is like four Coronas deep.  Awesome. 
 - Commando Negro is sporting a silver leaf on his mask today, so he is either Canadian, or a fan of the Chronic. 
 - When you throw a plastic chair that does not fold, and it nails another person right in the face, lots of blood comes out. 
 - Pollito sure does remind me of KeMonito...
 - Commando Negro hit a hellacious Buca-Storm on Pollo to get the pinfall.  It was pretty damn fly. 

In all, Commando Negro has had an amazing 2010 in IWRG, and is being pushed to the moon right now.  The Naucalpan fans hate him.  To put this in perspective a little bit, this match was only Pollo's fifth match in IWRG.  And according to the Luchablog Database, it was only the tenth match "Pollo" had overall.  For the IWRG fans to be chanting his name and pulling for him in such manner, they must really hate Negro. 

This match is a great example of why I love IWRG, and lucha libre in general. 

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