Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #46 - Smith vs. Singh

Johnny Smith vs. Akam Singh
Silverdollar Action Center; Calgary, Canada

Wow, this match was so indy-riffic, I do not know where to begin.  Suggested by Lacelle over the the DVDVR

First, I was kinda confused, because I always thought that Smith worked as a babyface, as he was a cousin of Davey Boy Smith.  I also assumed Singh would be heel, considering his cousin(?) Gama Singh was the mastermind of Karachi Vice.  So when Smith was pulling hair and stuff, it took me a minute to figure out.  Also, the manager "the Weasel" was using every possible cheap heat gimmick in the world.  Trying to get "weasel" chants while wearing Middle Eastern attire is the very definition of a manager having too many gimmicks.  Ya gotta love it! 

Now, as far as the match goes, it was pretty basic.  I do not know a whole lot about CNWA outta Calgary, but it sure looks like this match was being used to build up Smith.  Smith looked solid, his moves were all crisp, and he looked pretty strong here.  Singh looked pretty good, but he didn't really try anything much.  The girl on commentary called him a high flyer a few times, which I didn't get, because he didn't really do anything flippy at all, and was about the same size as Smith. 

My favorite part of this match?  The finish.  Why?  Because Smith gave Singh a piledriver, and he then pinned him.  There was no kick out, no false bravado, nothing.  Smith hit the most devastating move in professional wrestling (the Tombstone variety no less!), and then pinned the man.  That is how it should be. 

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