Monday, December 20, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #44 - Octagon, La Parka & Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Pentagon, Pierroth & Psicosis

Octagon, La Parka & Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Pentagon,  Pierroth & Psicosis
14 November, 1995

San Martín Texmelucan de Labastida, Mexico

Part 2  Part 3 

TCF linked to this on the Luchablog before I actually reviewed anything... So I guess I better get around to reviewing it :-)

This match is unique from a matchup point of view, which is why I actually picked it to watch.

For starters, everyone involved with this match was in a blood feud with someone else in the match - even the referees.  Octagon obviously feuded with his evil doppelganger Pentagon.  For whatever reason, AAA would never capitalize on the feud to the fullest extent, as Octagon never took the mask of Penatgon (only the 3rd version, in 2002).  In 1998 La Parka (the real one, aka LA Park) beat Pierroth for his mask.  Misterio Jr. and Psicosis would feud all over the world, and were major rivals.  Psicosis would lose his mask to Rey Misterio Sr. in August of 1999 - about a month before unmasking in WCW.  Even the referees get in on this, Tirantes is the god of dirty evil rudo referees, and his arch nemesis is the patriarch of the Casas family: Pepe Casas.  I'm pretty sure both men have lost their hair to the other since this match took place, thanks to various match stipulations. 

The match starts with some mat action, which makes me happy.  There isn't anything really extraordinary here at all, but it is nice to see actual mat action.  Especially in AAA.  Over the last decade or so, things seem to have moved in a direction of either high-impact and high-flying, or crazy brawls.  It is nice to see some actual matwork in this match, even if nothing sticks out. 

Each guys pairs off with their arch-rival, and eventually things go to the outside and a chair gets involved, and just like the book by Chinua Achebe, things fall apart. Ah AAA.  Some things are timeless with you.  You can always count on a AAA main event match to break down into senseless violence that kinda just plods along.  Here, it begins with Parka just blasting Psicosis with a thrown chair outside the ring, only for Psicosis to gain revenge by braining Parka with the same chair as he does a dive moments later.  From that point on the match is hard to watch for me, as it is just guys hitting random moves and beating on each other.  Finally in the third fall Casas is distracted by shenanigans outside the ring, so Pierroth low-blows Parka, and then hits a Angle-slam like Belly-to-back suplex, for the pinfall (courtesy of Tirantes). 

I was hoping for more from this match. 

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