Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #43 - Solar Family vs. Navarro Family

Solar & Hijo del Solar vs. Negro Navarro & Trauma 2
10 December, 2010
Sala de Armas; Mexico City, Mexico

Ahh... now this does the ol' heart good.  There is nothing like a father-son team beating the hell out of another father-son team in a half empty arena in Mexico.  Lucha Indy Wrestling!!!!!

Negro Navarro is old school.  There is no doubt about it.  I enjoy the shit out of any wrestler who can end a match with a series of rolling cradles of any kind.  Solar is the *real* undisputed king of the backbreaker.  I could watch him tilt-a-whirl backbreaker dudes all day long.  Trauma 2... is really skinny.  Like, sickening skinny.  I know he has somewhat been MIA for a few months from IWRG, but supposedly that was for disciplinary-type reasons.  Apparently part os his punishment was not being allowed to eat or lift weights.  There was always a difference between the two Traumas, but it is ridiculous now. 

Hijo del Solar is a rookie.  He looks like a rookie.  Considering the his dad runs with the Navarros/Black Terry/Cerebros crew, I have to assume that he is going to end up being a very solid worker.  However, right now he sticks out like a sore thumb in this type of match.  He had some nice little exchanges with Navarro, but they were not as good with Trauma, and Trauma had way better exchanges with Solar.  Here is to hoping that Hijo del Solar pops up in IWRG more often and gets to break in with some of those guys a little bit more - because I would hope that a year from now this same exact match would be about ten times better. 

Why does no one hardly attend Toryumon shows in Mexico, yet they keep happening?  Am I the only one who thinks it is odd that a show for Toyota Manufactureres (read the banners hanging up) has Isuzu as a sponsor (read the turnbuckles)?!?!?!

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