Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #42 - NJPW vs. American Males

Koji Kanemoto & Shinjiro Ohtani vs. Scotty Riggs & Marcus Bagwell
Aired 3 December, 1995
Universal Studios; Orlando, FL

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This match was total shit.

However, since I am trying to add insight and depth to these matches, I will expand upon that a little further.

This match was held at the now infamous "Impact Zone"at Universal Studios in Orlando.  WCW would do lots of tapings at once.  In the build-up to Starrcade 1995 (which had a New Japan vs. WCW theme), WCW imported NJPW stars for a set of tapings. In other words, none of the people here knew a damn thing about wrestling, let alone who the NJPW wrestlers were. 

Furthermore, the American Males blew.  Hard.  I liked some of Riggs solo work, especially as Scotty Anton in ECW.  Bagwell had an awesome personality as Buff Bagwell, but he was never a workhorse in the ring.  (trust me, I know).  However, together they were just the drizzling shits.  This match totally illustrates that. 

In addition, I dunno if Ohtani and Kanemoto had teamed together at all before this, but it sure didn't look like they had.  This led to lots of awkwardness in the ring, with the NJPW crew just kinda doing things, and the American Males overselling it, or not knowing what to do.  Gotta love communication. 

I also love how they take a totally unimportant tag team, and let them hang with the NJPW stars for the most part, even though the NJPW stars are supposed to look like massive threats to the actual WCW crew that will be fighting them at Starrcade.  I'm sure Eddy Guerrero was scared shitless about facing a guy who had trouble handling a guy wearing daisy-dukes over top of his striped singlet, with awesome workboots.

I thought I was done with matches for tonight, but I cannot end on this note....

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