Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #38 - Commando Negro vs. Chico Che

Commando Negro vs. Chico Che
9 December, 2010
Arena Naucalpan; Naucalpan, Mexico
Mask vs. Hair Match

Part 2

If  you remember correctly, I recently watched a pretty current "mask vs. hair" match from IWRG featuring Commando Negro.  This cat is having a pretty impressive streak recently for apuesta wins. 

Right now, Negro appears to be the young cocky rudo who is taking the scalp of anyone who looks at him funny.  Not only that, but he is a dirty cheating bastard.  Chico Che is a ridiculous fan favorite.  Ridiculous because his gimmick is a Chico Che impersonator - or something.  Think "Flying Elvises". 

Anyways... Chico and Negro had a beef that quickly escalated into a apeusta match.  It is pretty obvious from the beginning that there is bad blood here.   Chico is a guy that has been around for a few years now, but hasn't really ever done much.  For some reason he has come alive in 2010, and has had some amazing matches - usually however as part of a trio (usually with Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro as Cerebro Negro's fill-in).  Chico isn't a real tall guy, but he has some girth, and he can fly around the ring pretty good with it.  Chico overwhelms Negro in the first fall, tearing his mask apart and bloodying him up before getting the pinfall off of a big frog splash.

Immediately it is obvious that the referee slow-counted the pinfall, even though Chico won.  So, we have a rudo referee for this match.  During the second fall the referee seems pretty preoccupied with Cerebros at ringside, which lets Gringo Loco & Hijo del Diablo interfere on Negros behalf pretty freely. To neutralize their rudo counterparts, the Cerebros end up in the ring so they can dive onto the Gringos on the other side - which actually allows Negro to get the pin during the confusion as Chico hits a crossbody from the top, but Commando rolls thru (and the referee adds a quick  count).  

Seconds entering the ring?  The commission does not allow such hogwash!  The ringside commissioner throws the Cerebros out, which allows Gringos VIP to liberally help Negro.  Negro loves the help, so Diablo passes him a foreign object, and Negro quickly bloodies up Chico. 

Now, up until this point, the match has actually been pretty run-of -the mill.  IWRG tends to have a lot of apuesta matches with the same guys putting their hair on the line so often that they become somewhat predictable.  Chico is not really any guy that would take the mask of a young up-and-comer like Negro, so the outcome really isn't in doubt here.  However, the fans are massively behind Chico here, and a couple sections are even standing and chanting "Chico Che" for most of the third fall.  Even though this is far from a packed house, the atmosphere is electric as Negro & the Gringos continue to cheat and beat Chico bloody. 

Chico starts to come back, and the place erupts.  However, that dastardly referee keeps screwing over Chico, with slow counts, or missing blatant interference.  Also, at this point, Chico is blown the hell up, and you can tell he is not used to going this long solo.  Finally the Gringos get a little too blatant with their dastardly interference, and teh fans start throwing beer and chairs and other things in the ring, which allows Chico to set up the ref to take a shot from Loco.  Chico then power bombs the hell outta Negro, but there is no one to count the pinfall.  As the Gringos revive the referee Chico eats a punch from Negro with the foreign object in hand, and goes down hard.  The pinfall takes place from the revived ref, and Chico loses his hair. 

All in all, there is nothing really special about this match.  However, it was a match that the fans were definitely into, and it delivered as a main event match.  On the whole, it gave Commando Negro yet another big apuesta win, it got a shit ton of sympathy on Chico, and provided a pretty damn exciting match. 

This is a match that US indy promoters should look at, as far as seeing how to book an angle to your crowd.  Chico Che is just a journeyman luchador, but people were behind him to the point they were throwing stuff in the ring when he was getting screwed. 

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