Thursday, December 09, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #33 - Brainbusters vs Midnight Rockers

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Midnight Rockers
23 January, 1989
Madison Square Garden; New York City, NY

Part 2

Admittedly, I am not a big fan of the Midnight Rockers.  I guess it stems from when I was a kid watching them on the AWA, and thinking they were rip-offs of the Midnight Express and the Rock N Roll Express.  However, looking back on it now, they were a pretty good team.  I hate calling Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard the "Brainbusters", so I won't. They were Horsemen dammit.  When I was a kid you would have been hard-pressed to tell me there was anyone cooler than the Four Horsemen, and Arn Anderson ruled the world.

So, this match was pretty damn awesome.  I think what won me over with this match was when Michaels & Jannetty started doing all the standard tag team heel spots, and it totally frustrated the shit outta the Horsemen.

Which leads me to a tangent, but a tangent worth talking about.

I do not believe in the philosophy that a wrestler cannot do a certain move or act a certain way, based on if they are a heel or a babyface.  To me, it is nonsensical.  I think that if given the right circumstances, any action can be considered justified or unjustified.  The problem, to me, is when people act without those circumstances.  Knowing what to do and what circumstances to do certain things, to me, is the essence of "working".  Someone that knows how to do these things has timing, and psychology.

When Michaels & Jannetty switch places without a tag early on, the crowd goes nuts saying "yes" when the referee asks if a tag was made.  Later in the match, when Arn & Tully do the same thing, the crowd goes "Noooooo", and the referee actually makes them switch back - but the Horsemen cheat anyway, and it gets a lot more heat. There are a ton of little things like that that make this match work so well. 

Earlier in Project 33 I commented that Tully Blanchard would sometimes oversell things, and it turned me off of him to an extent.  In this match him and Anderson both oversell, but they stop at the point before it becomes ridiculous, and it works - for me at least.

Man, did the Rockers have some cool double team spots or what?  Man, was the finisher wack.

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