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"Project 33" - Match #32 - Anderson vs. Pillman

Arn Anderson vs. Brian Pillman
Aired 16 April, 1995
WCW Television Championship Match

Part 2

This is from an episode of WCW Main Event, leading up to the Slamboree 1995 PPV.  Sorry about the commercials... I didn't upload the video!

I assumed this would be a good ol' fashioned Arn Anderson slugfest with a guy that would go all-out to have a great match with him.  It was not.  What this match is, is a solid ten minute television match with a screwy finish.  This was obviously to set another match for Slamboree, which was Anderson defending the TV Title against Alex Wright. 

This was right around when WCW started cutting off the Horsemen's balls. 

The ending of this match is a great illustration of the difference between mid-'80's Crockett NWA booking, and 1990's WCW.  First off, Flair helps Arn Anderson cheat to win.  While I am certainly a Pillman fan, WCW was totally not doing anything with him at this time; Why not just let Anderson get a clean win?  Or, at least one where the cheating was gratuitous?  This was a solid back and forth match that Flair helped Anderson cheat in superficially, but then suddenly Anderson needs Flair to get the win. 

Solid booking would have done one of two things here: Anderson sells like hell for Pillman at the end, after dominating him the whole match.  Sensing Anderson is in trouble, Flair interferes for the DQ, and then a beating ensues on Pillman, so that next time things aren't so close - but Alex Wright hits the ring to save the day!

Or, Perhaps Pillman starts off hot, but a cheating Flair helps give Anderson the advantage to work the heat on Pillman, and then Flair liberally interferes throughout the match to keep the heat on.  Finally, unable to stand it anymore, Wright makes the save and the match gets thrown out. 

Either way, to get as much heat on Flair & Anderson, Wright & Pillman should have both been beat down.  The group might not still be around at this time, but Flair and Anderson are f'n Horsemen for crying out loud.  How could it be so hard to book them like Horsemen?  

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