Sunday, December 05, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #27 - Garza vs. Ultimo Guerrero

Hector Garza vs. Ultimo Guerrero
22 January, 2010
Arena mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
CMLL World Heavyweight Championship

Part 2

A few matches back I talked about how one of my favorites is Ultimo Guerrero.  One criticism of him that I have, is that he can be very formulamatic.  This is a criticism of  lot of wrestlers, especially guys like Bret Hart, Ric Flair, or Kurt Angle - where every match they have seems to have the same formula. 

Ultimo, to me, seems to fall into that same category.  He is a tremendous wrestler without a doubt, but he has a distinct pattern he seems to stick to - especially in big event singles matches.  This pattern tends to be a short first fall dominated by the rudo, an even shorter second fall where the tecnico wins a pinfall out of nowhere, followed by a longer third fall full of high-spots and near falls. 

In this match, we have that same formula, only tweeked a bit.  Garza is the rudo in this match, although technically he is a babyface at this time.  Garza is somewhat on the verge of turning, so he is starting to work as a rudo, but still plays to the fans as a babyface.  The angle behind this was Garza repeatedly being put in positions where it looked like he would turn on his partners, but he never would, but he would still be a dick.  Ultimo, although a rudo, is very popular among the Arena Mexico fans.  So, the dynamic of this match has the rudo working as the tecnico, and vice-versa. 

Now, I am a big fan of hector Garza too.  Not so much his wrestling style, but his schtick.  I love to watch Garza work the crowd.  He does so many little things that are great that the average joe proabbly doenst notice, but it makes him look good.  Garza is an ok babyface, but he is an awesome chickenshit rudo. 

So, you would think I would like this match, but I do not.  The UG formula killed it.  Even though this match is in two parts, the total match time is less than ten minutes.  Unless this was edited to hell before going on TV, it was a ridiculously short match for a CMLL Heavyweight Championship main event match - especially when it is two-of-three falls. 

Garza worked over UG early, hit a few of his big spots, and got a quick pin.  As Garza took off his ring pants, UG rolls him up to get the second fall.  Then, they battle back and forth for about five minutes, with UG hitting the Guerrero Especial to get the pinfall.  There was very little drama built up here.  Maybe someone was working injured, or something happened to make this match so short, but it just wasn't very good, and I was disappointed. 

Maybe some IWRG can cheer me up...

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