Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Year In Review

Promotions Wrestled for in 2010
   Black Diamond Wrestling - WV, OH
   Dynamic Championship Wrestling - OH
   World Wrestling Coalition - OH

   Renegade Wrestling Alliance - PA
   Revolutionary Championship Wrestling - OH

2010 Won Loss Record: (23 -14 -2)
  Singles Matches: 20 -10 -1
   Tag Team Matches: 3 - 4 - 1
   Battle Royals: 0-for-4 (Not Included in overall W/L total)
   Career Match Total: 563 Matches

2010 Matches
*** 16 Jan - Greenville, OH - Matt McPhatt
def. Nikita Allanov by submission (DCW Heavy)
*** 30 Jan - Piqua, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Matt McPhatt by knockout (DCW Heavy)
*   13 Feb - Aberdeen, OH - Nikita Allanov & Ed Gonzales def. Jimmy Malloy & Jeremy Madrox by pinfall (WWC Tag)
*** 20 Feb - Springfield, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Shawn Draven by pinfall (DCW Heavy)
*   27 Feb - Piqua, OH - Big Jim Hutchinson def. Nikita Allanov by DQ (DCW Heavy)
**  27 Feb - Piqua, OH - Big Jim Hutchinson & Shawn Draven def. Matt Ryan & Nikita Allanov by pinfall
*** 13 March - Piqua, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Shawn Draven in a laddermatch (DCW Heavy)
**  3 April - Springfield, OH - Nikita Allanov def. KY Jordan by submission (DCW Heavy)
 -   10 April - Aberdeen, OH - Eclipso & Jake Ashworth def. Ed Gonzales & Nikita Allanov
*** 17 April - Camden, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Evan Steel by pinfall (DCW Heavy)
 -   23 April - Brilliant, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Chris Taylor by pinfall
*** 8 May - Aberdeen, OH - Nikita Allanov, Ed Gonzales & Terry Raines def. Eclipso, Shawn Parks & Jake Ashworth by pinfall (WWC Tag, WWC NA)
*   5 June - Springfield, OH - Nikita Allanov def. DJ Tom Sharp by KO (BDW Heavy)
*** 6 June - Moundsville, WV - Jason Gory def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall (BDW Heavy)
*   12 June - Aberdeen, OH - Dave Nevada & Devlin Anderson DQ Nikita Allanov & Ed Gonzales (WWC Tag)
 -   12 June - Aberdeen, OH - Battle Royal
 -   18 June - Peebles, OH - Nikita Allanov def. DJ Tom Sharp by submission

**   26 June - Jackson, OH - Battle Royal
 -   10 July - Aberdeen, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Jake Ashworth by submission
**  17 July - Piqua, OH - Evan Steel def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
 -   31 July - West Newton, PA - Nikita Allanov def. Terry Ring, Payton Graham by pinfall in a triple threat match
*** 7 Aug - Springfield, PA - Nikita Allanov def. Evan Steel by pinfall (DCW Heavy)
**  14 Aug - Aberdeen, OH - Solar Powers def. Nikita Allanov & Ed Gonzales by pinfall (WWC Tag)

-   21 Aug - Jackson, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Chuck Chronic by pinfall
*** 4 Sept - Piqua, OH - Big Jim Hutchinson and Evan Steel def. Nikita Allanov by no contest in the tournament finals (DCW Heavy)
*   19 Sept - Allenport, PA - Nikita Allanov & the Polish Nightmare def. Stryder & Jock Samson when Samson pinned Stryder (RWA PA)
*   11 Sept - Aberdeen, OH - Solar Powers def. Nikita Allanov & Ed Gonzales in a flag match (WWC Tag)
*   2 Oct - Springfield, OH - Nikita Allanov fought Shawn Draven to a time limit draw (DCW Mid-Ohio)
*** 2 Oct - Springfield, OH - Battle Royal (DCW Heavy)
 -   3 Oct - Moundsville, WV - Nikita Allanov def. Cory Futuristic by submission
*    9 Oct - Aberdeen, OH - Aaron Williams def. Nikita Allanov by submission (WWC NA)
 -  16 Oct - Greenville, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Jeff Richards by pinfall
 -   23 Oct - Portsmouth, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Onyx by pinfall
 -   6 Nov - Camden, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Matt Ryan by submission
**  6 Nov - Camden, OH - Battle Royal
 -   7 Nov - Moundsville, WV - Nikita Allanov def. Chase Russell by pinfall
 -   13 Nov - Aberdeen, OH - Nikita Allanov def. JT Stahr by pinfall (Toun; Rd1)
 -   13 Nov - Aberdeen, OH - Nikita Allanov def. Scary Gary by pinfall (Toun; Semi)
*    13 Nov - Aberdeen, OH - Devlin Anderson def. Nikita Allanov by DQ. (Tourn; Final)
*** 20 Nov - Piqua, OH - Evan Steel def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall (DCW Heavy)
 -   27 Nov - Aberdeen, OH - DDK def. DJ Tom Sharp, Nikita Allanov, Ed Gonzales, Eclipso, Jake Ashworth, Judas Thorne, Tommy Chill, Juggulator, Scary Gary (cibernetico)
 -   4 Dec - Portsmouth, OH - Onyx def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
 -  11 Dec - West Newton, PA - Shane Valentine def. Nikita Allanov by pinfall
           *Title Matches  -  **Main Event Matches  -  ***Main Event Title Matches

Titles Held in 2010
  DCW Heavyweight Championship (10/17/09 - 1/16/10), (1/30/10 - 9/4/10)
  WWC Tag Team Championship - (11/14/09 - 8/14/10)

Favorite Match
Nikita Allanov def. Matt McPhatt by knockout (DCW Heavy) - 30 Jan - Piqua, OH
    - I had a lot of great matches in 2010, but I picked this one as my favorite, even though I have never seen a copy of it.  It was a very hard decision this year, to be honest, but this match won out over some others because I actually won the match, it was a match heavy with wrestling and the actual trading and countering of holds, a great crowd, .  Honorable mentions go to the match with Chris Taylor from Brilliant on 4/23, the Laddermatch with Shawn Draven from 3/13, the match with McPhatt from 1/16, the match with Evan Steele from 11/20, or the flag match with the Solar Powers vs. International Incident on 9/11. 
Least Favorite Match
Nikita Allanov & the Polish Nightmare def. Stryder & Jock Samson - 19 Sept - Allenport, PA
   - I don't think I had many matches in 2010 bad enough to wrote home about, so there isn't really a lot to comment on - this was just my least favorite and it sticks out in my mind.  I was booked to have a singles championship match with Stryder, but it was changed at the last minute to this tag match with goofy rules.  Not a big fan of the goofy rules, so this was my least favorite match.  

2010 Closing Thoughts
     It seems that I usually seem to be doing my best work in the ring when my life outside the ring is in turmoil.  Outside the ring, my 2010 was actually pretty damn drama free.  Everyone that knows me personally knows how trying my life was at the end of 2009, and I had a lot of people actually show support for me on a personal level, which was a great change.  I am so used to being alone. In 2010 I had a lot of great people come back into my life, and it was awesome. 
     In a lot of ways, I only had to worry about myself in 2010, and it resulted in having perhaps my best year of wrestling, from a quality standpoint.  I have been in this sport/business for nearly thirteen years now, and I am comfortable with where I am at.  I still think I can have better matches, and I am certainly looking to travel to even more places in 2011, but I am at that point in my career where things like drawing crowds,  protecting the business, and preserving the sport are becoming more and more important. 
     2010 was certainly not without injuries!  One of the reasons that I picked that match with McPhatt as my 2010 Favorite was because we both paid a very physical price in that match - which was not a weapons filled brawl by any means.  Old nagging injuries hurt more after that match, and didn't necessarily go away.  By mid-year I was starting to have issues with my neck.  Holding two championships in two different territories, I felt an obligation to bring my best in the ring, so I began altering my training around my injuries; Rehabbing on-the-go, if you will.  For awhile I was able to keep the pace I was going at, but after suffering from a neck stinger on September 4th, I knew I was going to need some time off eventually. 
     However, anyone who knows me personally or has seen me wrestle regularly knows that I am a pretty tough sumbitch (and stubborn), so I continued to work thru injury.  It  eventually got to the pint that I was having trouble even working out and training at the gym - but I was making sure I was good to go for my bookings.  For the first time in my career as a professional wrestler I took pain pills: Although they were mild ones and for inflammation more than killing pain, nonetheless, I was on them. No one, and I mean NO ONE in my life knew how hurt I was, or how much pain I was in.  I only even told one person that I was hurt. 
     When I was finally able to be examined by an orthopedic specialist (Dr. Rodway from Beacon Orthopedics), it was discovered that I didn't have a major injury to my neck - only a painful and debilitating one. Somewhere along the way, either in a match or working out (or even outside of wrestling), I tore a ligament in my neck, which had caused my spine to curve.  The scoliosis was causing me the problems, so I started receiving therapeutic treatment from  Dr. Rolfs (the same doctor at Beacon who treats the Cincinnati Reds' Scott Rolen's back).  After about a month of therapy in the wee hours of the morning, I was cleared to workout and wrestle again.  My stubbornness allowed me to put off treatment until I had an opening in my schedule, but in hindsight I was living dangerously.  I easily could have had a cracked vertebrae or a ruptured disc - and my wrestling career could have been over. 
     Right now, I work for a great group of promoters: Rikk, Ric, Dirk, and Derek are all great guys.  When I informed these guys of my injuries and what I would be able to give them in the ring, they were all a pleasure to deal with. Some people dis not appreciate my dedication to the business though, and tried to take advantage of it.  
     Often, wrestling promoters are the first one to question a wrestler's dedication to the business, but they are often the first ones to hide when their dedication is questioned.  This was the situation in DCW for me personally for most of 2010.  In the span of a year, I was asked to adjust my schedule for them multiple times as they moved show dates around.  In the span of one calendar year, four shows were canceled on the day of the show - when it was too late to take another booking.  The promoter refused to accept the blame for this, and I began to have issues working there.  The promoter is one of those guys who is quick to get rid of a guy he doesn't like, and very hesitant to bring in anyone new and fresh.  When the canceling of shows and moving around of dates became unacceptable and no one in the office accepted accountability, I demanded a change in my compensation package.  When these requirements were not met (and I knew they wouldn't be), I began to accept other bookings on their dates.  Out of professional obligation I felt a need to work certain dates for them regardless, simply because that is how this business survives.  However, once I stuck around to do the honors, injured, and the promoters shit on me for it, I fought back.  I had a great run in DCW, but I am done there.  In this business you just have to know when it is time to move on. 
   I can hang my hat on the fact that I held the Heavyweight championship in DCW three times, and twice it was for over six months.  In fact, if you subtract the two weeks in between reigns two and three, I held the championship from October of 2009 until September 2010.  In 2010 I headlined all four of the major events at the Piqua Armory, which all drew around 300 or more fans.  Being put in a position like that means a lot to me, and I think I performed well inthe role of the company ace in 2010. 
     I also cannot say enough about Ric & Drew at WWC.  When they took over the reigns at the end of 2009, a lot of guys were worried - which is only natural when there is a change of the guard.  Ric has been phenomenal with myself, and I enjoy the hell out of teaming with Ed Gonzales. Big things are on the horizon for WWC this year. 
     If you go back thru my career, I have certainly had my fair share of tag team matches.  I have never had a lot of steady partners, however.  Ed has become my favorite tag team partner, and we have a helluva acts going with International Incident.  We had some great tag team matches from the standpoint of drawing heat, and as we continue in WWC we are assuredly going to keep doing more of what we are doing. 
     The Mastermind & WrestleOhio brought me into RCW this year, and it has been a great experience thus far.  Dirk runs a great promotion, and the entire staff there is great to work with.  Good crowds and a great talent roster make it a fun place to work, and it is easy to have good matches with that kind of atmosphere.  I am very excited to be working with RCW more in 2011. 
      One of the places hit the worst by the economic situation in the US the last couple years is the Wheeling area, so BDW just has not been able to put on as many events as in the past.  In 2009, a lot of the events clashed with my "real life" schedule, but in 2010 I was able to return to the fold more regularly.  After losing a championship match to Jason Gory at the 7th Anniversary Show, I stated that I would never challenge for the BDW Heavyweight Championship again, and I shook Gory's hand.  As the first Heavyweight Champion there, and as someone who held it three times, I feel as I am the standard bearer for what is expected as a champion there.  With Jason Gory defending the championship against all comers for nearly two years, the torch has been passed.  I have had a lot of fun wrestling with some of the younger talent in BDW.  Since his in-ring retirement Jake Garrett has take a hands-on approach in the BDW office, and the shows are of a good quality, despite being filled with more rookies and newcomers than ever.  I still get excited about BDW and performing in that area. 
    I had not wrestled in the Pittsburgh area in four years, but I returned to Pittsburgh to compete for RWA.  Derek has turned something that he was told would never work into the top drawing promotion in the area - an area that is saturated with wrestling.  The top drawing promotion is a toss-up between IWC and RWA after every show, with RWA having blown by all the other promotions in the area.  RWA is sticking with the great formula of mixing the best of the local Pittsburgh guys with guys from other areas, myself included.  My fellow Buckeye Jock Samson and I have formed a partnership there, and we plan on doing some more serious damage there in 2011.  I have already committed to be available for more events for RWA in 2011, so my Pittsburgh fans need to get to the matches! 
    As far as 2011 goes, I am looking to fill more dates up with good quality bookings.  I have been in talks with a few different promoters, and if schedules work out I will hopefully be in some new places soon.  I have a lot of fans asking about coming to northern Ohio, or back to the Dayton area.  I also have a lot of requests to let people know when I am wrestling close to Cincinnati.  Hopefully in the coming months I can give you guys what you have been asking for.  I am in talks with people, so hopefully things can work out.  Nothing would help me more though than you guys letting promoters know that you want to see me on the shows you attend.
  Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011.  Let's make it a GREAT one!!!


  1. Who was the one person you told you were hurt? Was it a man or a woman? That is amazing that you can push through all that pain just to wrestle. Bravo my heart goes out to you.

  2. Well Anonymous, considering I didn't name who they were, it was and still is a private matter.
    It was not someone within the wrestling business though - fair enough?

  3. Fair enough...