Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WWC "Unbreakable Tournament" Results

WWC (13 November) Municipal Building; Aberdeen, OH
7th Anniversary Event
Attendance: 130

1) Scary Gary def. Justin Neal by submission (Toun; Rd1)
2) DDK def. DJ Tom Sharp by pinfall (Toun; Rd1)
3) Devlin Anderson def. Ultra mega masked Homicide by pinfall (Toun; Rd1)
4) Nikita Allanov def. JT Stahr by pinfall (Toun; Rd1)
5) Devlin Anderson def. DDK by pinfall (Toun; Semi)
6) Nikita Allanov def. Scary Gary by pinfall (Toun; Semi)
7) Devlin Anderson def. Nikita Allanov by DQ. (Tourn; Final)
8) Aaron Williams def. Chris Carnage by pinfall
9) Jake Ashworth & Eclipso def. Cody Hawk & Dean Jablonski by DQ (WWC Tag)
10) Devlin Anderson def. Matt Taylor by pinfall (WWC Heavy)

I had two strong wins in the opening rounds.  In arguably the most anticipated match of the first round (well, according to WWC's own poll), I pinned JT Stahr after he went for a Tommykazi, but I was able t push him off and hit a Sickle as he came off the ropes to get the pinfall.
Nikita Allanov works over JT Stahr in the corner. 

  In my Semi-final match, I was able to fight of Scary Gary's clawhold to get the duke with a big Sickle.
Scary Gary eats a Lanza from the Soviet Shooter in a Semi-Final match

I went into the tournament finals with an advantage - I was pretty well rested, but Devlin Anderson had picked up an arm injury in the first round.  I attacked his arm before the bell rang, and was like a shark with chum in the water.  I tore Anderson's arm apart, and was not letting him up.
Nikita works over the injured arm of Devlin Anderson in the tournament finals. 
Finally, I went for the Sickle, but Anderson was pulling himself up onthe ropes.  As I waited to punce, WWC Heavyweight Champion Matt Taylor hit the ringside, and nailed Anderson's arm with a steel chair.  Referee Kara Killdare called me for a disqualification, since Anderson was the one attacked.  Furious, I nailed Anderson with the Sickle, and then went after Taylor.

Anderson was able to pull off the upset in the championship match, which puts me in an odd position.  Do I go after Taylor, who cost me the tournament win and the shot at his title, or do I go after the current champion Anderson - a man I had beaten who now hold the championship.

Any thoughts?

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  1. also the brotherhood beat Superstar Shawn Parks and Prettyboy Jimmy Malloy