Monday, November 01, 2010

"Project 33"

Ok, so I have kinda been neglecting this blog for awhile, as far as columns go.  I have been pretty good about posting show info and my schedule, but I have just been relying on Twitter too much for random thoughts, and not expanding upon them. 

So, with some new writing opportunities looming on the horizon, I decided to undertake a project.  A few people on my Facebook feed have undertaken a project where they take/post a picture every day.  This idea inspired me, but i wanted to do something with writing instead.  So, I decided that I will merge two things that I love: writing and professional wrestling. 

I turned 33 about a week ago.  I have decided that I will watch and review a wrestling match for 365 days until my birthday in 2011.  Due to the constraints of life, I will obviously not be able to post a match everyday.  My plan is to review 365 matches before I turn 34.

Now, here is where I can use some help from you.  I am going to be looking for matches to view and write about.  You can help me out by sending me links to matches that are uploaded to the internet, on such sites as YouTube or DailyMotion.  I may dip into matches that I pull off of torrent sites, but probably not.  I want to try to keep it to things that are viewable by anyone who might be reading the reviews - and sites like YouTube will let me post the video right in the column.  For that reason I will try not to dip into my tape/DVD library.  I want to stir up some discussion. 

As far as what kind of matches I am interested in watching - just about anything.  I would prefer to have as little of the "WWE Universe" as possible.  Older stuff from WWE/F, WCW, the territories, ECW, Japan, Mexico, Europe, or indies would be awesome.  In fact, the more diverse the stuff I review, the more fun I think this will be for me to write, and for you to read. 

Also, I am not doing this as a "smart fan" - in fact I am hoping to do the opposite of that. I want to review these matches from a professional standpoint.  As someone who has wrestled for twelve years, trained wrestlers, booked, promoted events, scouted talent, and made matches, I want to give my professional point of view about the matches.  I am going to pretty much review these things with no punches pulled from the perspective of a "worker".  Thus, there is going to be a lot of talk about "psychology", "building a match", "drawing money", and that kind of stuff, as well as a review of the technical things that an average fan would see (or not see).  Plus, I am pretty knowledgeable about wrestling history, and if the need arises, I will try to put things in perspective related to the match. 

So, give me ideas of things to review.  Send me links to my email or Facebook.  I won't kick your ass if you post a match on my wall, but that doesn't mean I am going to review it (or that I will not delete it).

Thanks everyone - let's have some fun with this! 

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  1. how about abdullah the butcher? he was one of my favorites. he had some great matches against andre the giant.