Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #7: Rick Rude vs. Chris Adams

Rick Rude vs. "Gentleman" Chris Adams
Sportatorium; Dallas, TX - June 1986

This is a non-title match, but Rude is the American Champion at this time. 

Honestly, this match is pretty basic.  Adams has an upcoming match with the title on the line at a big Reunion Arena show, so this television match is obviously just a build for that match.  Ahhh..... the old days. 

This match is just a basic exchange of holds and back and forth action.  Nothing really remarkable really.  The crowd was pretty hot for Adams, who was a top babyface in Texas at the time because Mike and Kerry Von Erich were both on the shelf.  The crowd obviously hated Rude, but no one really seemed to work the crowd here. 

Once again the infamous kick-out-of-piledriver is present in this match.  At the very least here, Pringle should have put Rude's foot on the rope, since he was incapacitated by that debilitating piledriver.  Then, Adams could have just gone straight to the finish.  It isn't brain surgery. 

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