Monday, November 08, 2010

"Project 33" - Match #6: Andre the Giant vs. Abdullah the Butcher

Andre the Giant vs. Abdullah the Butcher
San Juan Stadium, PR - 17 September, 1983

This match done by the request of Tom, in the response section of a previous post. If there is something you want my take on, send me a link or just ask...

From a spectacle point of view, this was interesting.  There was a lot of beef in that ring.

From a workrate point of view, this was a lot of punch-kick-headbutt.  Nothing much to write about.

The Butcher had run roughshod of Puerto Rico for a few years at this point, and my guess (which the horrible commentators elude to) is that Andre was brought in as a guy so big that even the Butcher fears him.  This was a babyface giving his comeuppance to a monster heel, but also having to deal with the booking position of Andre not going to be around, so you can't have the Butcher just get killed by him.  So, what you have is an in-ring brawl between two guys who are probably not used to working with guys their size at all, and kinda having a snooze fest.  Only, the crowd is going ape-shit the whole time.

With the death of the territories, you just do not have big time matches like this anymore where you want to see a guy from one place cross paths with a guy from another place.  I mean, look how packed that stadium is for this match!  Crazy!  And all these guys had to do was go out there and punch each other for five minutes, and then brawl to the back.  I wonder if they got a little crazy after the countout? The footage just kinda ends, but it wouldn't surprise me if they brawled around for awhile and bloodied each other up to keep a potential rematch hot. 

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